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Instagram Circle

Are you on Instagram?

Leave a comment with your Instagram name/handle and I'll add it to the circle that I'm putting together. Once I'm at 100 Instagramers, I'll share the circle here.

Let everyone know what your favourite iPhone camera apps are as well.

My Instagram: kenk514

My iPhone apps: Snapseed, Camera+, qbro, Pictureshow, Pro HDR, Retro Camera, More Beaute2 and of course Instagram.

Please share the post so that we can get this circle to grow! Thanks!

Looking forward to seeing your iPhoneography :)

#Instagram #circle #Photography #iPhone #iphoneography

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Instagram: caseymac
I use Camera+ occasionally, but mostly Instagram and the iPhone camera.
I am Amillwood on instagram. Love snapseed and getting more into Photoforge2 as well.
I am rickc57 on Instagram. I use several camera apps, but mostly Camera+ and Snapseed.
Thanks everyone... Please share this post so that we can get the circle to grow quickly. :)
Hey guys! I'm "mhoffmanphoto" on Instagram. I too use Camera+ and I do some post-processing with Snapseed. I may or may not use an Instagram filter, it just depends on the photo.
I'm shymog on Instagram. I haven't played too much with the different iPhone camera apps (I've had it less than two weeks).
Shockingly, my handle is ericspiegel. My favorite apps are Camera+ and Snapseed.
Mine is onegoodpicture and I'm always looking for new people to follow. I mainly use Camera +, Snapseed, and Instagram.
Instagram ID's:@anton_in_nyc (main) and @mophoapp (the app I work for, where I post a photo a day - sometimes from my archives)
Fave apps: Camera+, ProCamera, CrossProcess, SnapSeed, FilterStorm
hey all!

I'm under @bradpuet and one of the admins for @wearejuxt.

Fav Apps: Snapseed, Noir, Camera +
msconsulting -- I use Camera+, HDRPro,AutoStitch, PhotoToaster,ScratchCam, Magic Hour, Slow Shutter and more
Great idea!! - My Instagram: nclcocco - I almost use Camera+ and Snapseed
Hey - I'm lafletcher on IG

Snapseed, Filterstorm, Noir, Iris, and PhotoForge
ighabakuk in instagram. Re-discovering the lightness of seeing instead of fiddling with a camera. :) Just having fun with the instagram app, nothing else.
Craigmoyer on instagram. Hipstamatic, camera+, dotti and dramatic black and white. 
I'm anchari on Instagram. My go-to apps are Camera+, Snapssed, BigLens, Image Blender, FXPhotoStudio, Retouch and Frametastic.
Hi All! Great Idea! I'm kathiinstone on Instagram. Using Snapseed, Noir, Photogene2, Camera+mostly. Just got Ripple, pure fun!
hi ! my favorite apps are snapseed and camera+. My instagram name is : cako_cako
newelly on ig
Hello everyone!
I am @punkrawkpurl & a member of AMPt.

my fave apps:: Hipstamatic, Decim8, Blender, Snapseed, Camera+, ScratchCam, Pixlromatic, & learning Filterstorm
This is great... Keep them coming and share the post to help the list grow!

Have a great week end everyone!
I am tidolu

Haven't added much lately but maybe this will encourage me!

I use Camera+, Snapseed, Photogene2, Pixelworks, Camera Flash
My instagram: erubbey
Favs Apps: Camera+, Snapseed and using also tadaa.
my ID: rwbjj
apps - prohdr, snapseed, filterstorm, _alpha, squareready, photowizard, photoforge, camera+
My ID: inzenity
apps: snapseed, camera+
Id @yheizzik
apps Squaramini retrogram DXP Vintagecamera Picturemagic Squareeady Phonto Instagram
@DarshanPhoto I like instagram and camera+ but I'm still waiting for the D700 app. :)
I am avindiamanta on instagram. My favorite are snapseed and retrocamera
Hello! I'm mariannamarcucci on Instagram! Beside IG I use Camera+, Snapseed, Hipstamatic, DMD and MoreLomo! Thank you! :D
I just started on Instagram and I am surprisingly loving it! I do have a list of apps I want to try out. I just haven't loaded them yet. I want to try Snapseed, Filterstorm and Perculator first. I did download the Camera Awesome yesterday from Smugmug since I use their site. Can't really give an opinion since I need to try the others first.

Handle: jillsfotoluv
My Instagram: luvmyaussie :) My favorite apps are Instagram (of course), Camera+, Snapseed, Filterstorm, Hipstamatic, Squaready, PhotoToaster, Photo fx, Super Retro, LensLight, Percolator, TiltShiftGen, and ScratchCam. I'm an app junkie!
Weird, I commented way back, but it doesn't appear to be here now? Anyhow I'm kenmcmahon on Instagram and my favourite photo apps other than Instagram are Autostitch, Muybridgizer, Timelapse, Postcards and Gorillacam.
@DuongSheahan My fave iphone APP is: BeFunky, AutoStitch (for creating panoramic views), pic collage, diptic
Now I see what happened +Ken Kaminesky You shared your own post, which had me chasing my own tale for a while.
Hi my favourite apps are snapseed and ps express. My Instagram name is beali !! ;-)
Great idea. I'm... jimgoldstein on Instagram
Hi folks! Just got Snapseed from Starbucks w/ their free download app but I like using BeFunky and Pixlr-O-Matic

My IG is JP129
Instagram on iPad user here. stanshow Thanks
I'm a huge fan of Instagram although I don't post as often as I probably could...=) @charliethegeek

I mostly use Camera+ and occasionally Snapseed or something else if I get the time...
My Instagram: zero1

My iPhone apps: Camera+, Instagram, TiltShiftGen, Camera Awesome, Best Camera
Am sandranykerk on Instagram. Favorite Apps include Snapseed, Iris, and Camera+. So many Apps, so little time. 
I'm 'zombieprocess'. My stream is here (via
I use a number of image apps - Snapseed, Pano, Photogene - but I have to admit that I get tweaked when folks edit in something else and then push through Instagram (especially the DSLR/point-and-shoot cheaters). Just seems to violate the spirit of the thing.
I'm ianmckenzie on Instagram.I have a bazillion photo apps (give or take). Mostly I use Snapseed and Instagram, with some Autostitch thrown in.
On Instagram (amyheiden), posting photos taken and edited using only my iPhone.
I'm not currently using Instagram but I just wanted to add another recommendation for the Camera Awesome app from +SmugMug. It has 9 included filters that can be applied to your photos (more for purchase) and it saves all my iPhone pictures directly to my SmugMug gallery. It also works with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket and YouTube.
Hello, I am @caonex. Apps: Magic Hour, Camera Awesome, Photo Forge 2, Camera+, Frametastic, and Top Camera
Nice! I'm lotuscarroll on Instagram. :)

I've loved Camera+ and Hipstamatic a lot for some time. My new favorite is +Awesomize. Pocketbooth is fun (but not really helpful for Instagram posting). Just had friends recommend MagicHour for all kinds of fun processing and effects, and Autostich for Panos.
Fun! I'm @mickmotorphoto IG
I enjoy using ClassicSAMP, PictureShow, Camera +, Genius, Camera Kit, NightCamera, Camera Bag, Instax, Hipstamatic, FXF by Joby, PS Express, Finger Focus, & Polarize.
I'm mrcuddles; I don't use any camera apps.
My instagram is: Stargrace
I use DashOfColor, Photosynth, ShutterCal, PS Express
Instagram name: artchang

I usually just use Snapseed then Instagram
IG name - jameson079

I mainly use IG but sometimes I'll use snapseed, qbro, Pic stich, and photoSplash
I love it I use a couple of the features my Instagram name: fallensk8ter taking various pics of LA County where I reside.
Cool idea. mine is @Dr_Gonz0. The first "o" is a zero. I usually use just instagram or upload photos I have processed on my comp.

360 Pano is an awesome app but it doesn't play with instagram to well.
brandondoran on Instagram. IG has become my favorite social platform. I post, what I think of as, one quality snap per day. I have been on a curve of using only the IG filters in the beginning, then very experimental, and now less processed, more straight up images. Camera+ was once my favorite app but now I use 6x6 app for my primary camera. I like it because it's very simple, shoots in square format, and exposure can be set seperate from focus . Snapseed is my main editing app. Filterstorm is my photoshop equivalent app for when I need to do more extensive editing with curves, layers, masks, etc. If I'm in a B&W film mood I use Hipstamatic with Black Keys Film and usually the Helga lens. I have no problem with people posting DSLR or Photoshoped pictures on IG, but for me I keep it 100% iPhone only.
my instagram: Pdy
favorite iPhone camera apps would have to be: Snapseed, Camera+, Retouch and Groupshot
I kept mine simple with jeffsanchez
I only ever use Instagram and occasionally Hipstermatic.
Posted earlier as well and can't see my comment here, so here I am again :)
I'm LeftCoastLens on IG and some of my go-to apps are: blender, snapspeed, phototoaster, camera +, scratchcam, picfx
Great idea, looking forward to hanging out!
My instagram : artgriffo -- great idea putting this circle together thanks for doing this...
I use Super Retro, Snapseed, Camera + PhotoForge2, 100 cameras and Hipstamatic
Great idea. I am ajayjhaveri on Instagram. Love the app dramatic bw
sutto007 on Instagram.
Favs: Scratchcam, Snapseed, Camera+, TiltShiftGen
Curator of #MoFoMo a mobilephotography only group on Google+
cynhendrix on Instagram. I use instagram mostly, but I also have a Salvador Dali film and lens I like using in Hipstamatic, and they also made an app called Incredibooth which is a photobooth type app that gives you multiples that is fun when on outings.
Awesome idea, Ken! I look forward to seeing how this develops! I am RSD on Instagram.
#ig username is xrnath.
Favourite photo app is Camera+.
Awesome! I'm @jmv_nyc.

My favorite apps: Pro HDR, Snapseed, Camera+, PhotoToaster, PicFX, Grungetastic.
instagram handle is dougsandquist

favorite apps are Snapseed, CameraAwesome, TrueHDR
My Instagram: chrisgachot

My iPhone apps: Mattebox, Snapseed
I'm mononeil on Instagram and my apps are Hipstamatic, Darkroom, Pano, Snapseed,
IG username: pdxchristianna

Fav apps: Camera+, PixFX, Snapseed, Filterstorm, PhotoForge2, PhotoGene2
Love IG @ hansrico Love Snapseed Pro HDR Camera+ AutoStitch
So we got to 100 comments, but is that 100 instagramers?
Just added you folks to my Instagram Circle. I saw two of these list floating around and have a total of 108 people for the circle... Now time to add you all on IG, one at a time. Wished that there was an easier process :\
My Instagram name is Ammidon. Still using Hipstamatic, as well as, Istagram :) See you over there!!
Javais deja posté, mais je pense au mauvais endroit.... :(
Récemment sur IG je suis kolordream.

J'aime Photoforge2, Camera+, iris, BigLens, Snapseed
Bon journée à tous :))
Hey +John Perez, If you have already created the circle do you want to share it so that it'll be easier for other folk to add everyone if they so choose.
Um... Silly question here. How do I share a circle..?
+John Perez lol not silly at all,
I've not shared one before either but it looks like if you go to the circles tab at the top of your page (it's to the right of the Google+ sign, in with the home, photos, profile and games tabs).
from there select the circle you want to share, this will show you everyone that is in that circle and in doing so it brings up three new options symbols on the circle that you've circled, the middle option (looks like a circle and two arrows) is the sharing option.
That should do the trick
So I was about to share my circle with everyone but I don't want to steal +Ken Kaminesky thunder. Also the last thing that I do not want to do is have multiple Instagram Circles out there. Plus I'm sure that Ken has more people in his circle than I do and I'd hate it if there people that were not my list not to be included from Ken. I shared my circle with Ken that had over 110 people on so hopefully Ken will gather every one's name and share it soon.
@scotobuki Feel free to add and follow
Lan Lin
I’ve been using ProCamera for some time. It’s my favorite camera to take pictures/videos for my kids in action. This app has all the features of Camera+ and more. It’s a high-end app, great for professionals, and also easy to use for people like me who want to advance the skills. I can set focus and exposure on different objects. So easy. It takes exceptional pictures. Then apply filters, lighting and other adjustments. On top of that you can shoot videos and zoom videos while recording.
German engineered, rigorous while artistic.
@meagancignoli on instagram! Love this idea!
My instagram name is scurvymouse please add me =)
Great idea! :)@mhhovland here. Workflow is usually Camera+ > Snapseed > Instagram . been thinking about going over to ProCamera though. Seems to be good for street :)
@jmurphpix can you add me to the circle? Thanks!
ray t
Cool. I'm rikardlindby. I use hipstamatic and the normal iphone camera.
Great idea, Ken! I'm BOUCHAC on instagram and as you can see from list of apps I use, I'm really, really hardcore instagramer :)

Apps:  Camera+, Hipstamatic, Hipstamatch, 6x6, Blux Camera, Camera Awesome, Fast Camera, iCamera HDR, SlowShutter, TwinsCam, PowerCam, Dynamic Light, ProHDR, Manga Camera, Frame Magic, Snapseed, iPhoto, TouchRetouch, Pixlromatic, Squaready, PaintFX, Photogene2, ShockMyPic, PS Express, Photo FX, LensLight, Filterstorm, Rays, Blender, Juxtaposer, Photorino, Autopainter, Colorsplash, Gramory, Tagstagram, MoreBeaute2, Photoforge2, Iris, Water my photo, PhotoStudio, VFX Studio, Labelbox, VSCO Cam, CameraBag, Percolator, Graffiti Me, Flowpaper, My sketch, 100 cameras, ... and tons of others.

Feel free to visit my instagram profile BOUCHAC or see my online gallery here:

Cheers, Bouchac.
Thanks for doing this! I'm @ezpixels. Apps: Camera FV-5, Vignette, Snapseed, PicSayPro, PicsPlayPro, Pixlr-o-matic, PicsArt, TouchRetouch and more.
Lan Lin
I use ProCamera. Not only it takes great photos, has newer editing tool (ToneCorrection Curves), but  it also has a Square picker for Instagram - never see this anywhere else.
ray t
great idea my handle is feastorfamine using a htc one-s with fv-5 and stock ics cam thanks you
I'm scurvymouse on Instagram - Galaxy Nexus. Mostly just use the Instagram filters but sometimes Snapseed.
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