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Ken Kaminesky

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Myanmar was a special place in so many different ways and a journey of discovery. 

Not only was I amazed with what I was able to see and experience but I was inspired to step out of my comfort zone and rekindle my love of photographing people.

Want to see more? Check out my latest blog post for a series of photos of the children of Myanmar. 
#Myanmar #Travel 
Change Is Good - Getting back to my roots in photography on a recent trip to Myanmar. Photographing the Burmese children was an awesome experience.
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Ken Kaminesky

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If you're looking to improve your photography business or start one, these 8 tips might be just the thing you need.

+PhotoShelter  is always looking to help photographers with their craft and their business. If you enjoyed these tips (including one from me), you'll love all the awesome free (yes... I said free) guides that you'll find in their online Resource Center.

I've used these guides to help me with things like SEO, social media, marketing, and stock photography. Enjoy!
As a working photographer, how do you figure out your cost of doing business, determine your tax write-offs, and develop a profitable pricing structure? And should you ever work for free? In our gu...
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Great resource!
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Ken Kaminesky

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What a nice surprise to see this cool article on the Resource Magazine website about my new company Dream Photo Tours and my favourite camera... The Fujifilm X-T1 is always by my side these days as I travel around the world. Speaking of which, I'm heading back on the road next month for my first visit to Vietnam and later this year to run photo tours in Jordan and Cambodia.

I'm thrilled to have Fujifilm as the official sponsor of Dream Photo Tours. Not only do they make awesome cameras and lenses but they have a deep passion for photography and their photographers. Being one of only two Fujifilm Global Ambassadors in the world is a true honour for me. Check out the images in the article to see what a great team we make :-)
Ken Kaminesky is a standout name in the travel photography world. Aside from his work being featured throughout the New York Times and the cover of National Geographic, he’s also a writer, consultant, entrepreneur and FUJIFILM Global Ambassador and X-Photographer. Additionally, Kaminesky, along with...
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Ken Kaminesky

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It is easy to fall in love with the world when the world has so many spectacular places to behold.

In Croatia, there is an abundance of these types of places. Two weeks was not nearly enough time to discover all of the wonders contained withing the borders of this stunning country, but I'm not complaining. In fact, I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to explore from Zagreb all the way down to Dubrovnik.

This photo was taken at Plitvice National Park at the beginning of our trip. The whole park is dotted with thousands of waterfalls and was a veritable feast for the eyes and ears. While the photo gives some idea of what Plitvice looks like, no image or words can do it justice. Being there to experience it first hand was a highlight of 2014. There is a beautiful energy at Plitvice. I hope you get the chance to visit one day.
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Então temos Belos apartamento no Brasil,
Com Bela Vista.O que está em pauta.
Frente para o Estádio Morumbi.
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Ken Kaminesky

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If you've ever wondered how I am able to photograph some places that are off limits or usually full of people, then this article is for you.

I teamed up with my friends at +B and H in New York City to write this article about how I go about getting access to some of the awesome locations I shoot. There are tips on how to deal with security, how to get permission, timing, photographer's legal rights, and more.

How do you go about getting the shot? Share your tips in the comments of the article or here.

Hope this helps you the next time you want to get that photograph of the place you were told was off limits. :)
For travel photographers, the path to getting the perfect shot is often strewn with hurdles. Through trial and error, as well as a lot of learning the hard way, I've ended up being able to walk away with some of my favorite photographs, thanks to proper planning and preparation. At other times, I’ve relied on stealth and a little bit of good luck to come away with a good photo. Sometimes, though, it’s just not meant to be.
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+Susan Franklin Thanks so much. I'll give some of the credit to the architects, designers, and workers who built the church. I was just fortunate to get the chance to photograph it. :-) 
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Ken Kaminesky

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Happy Canada Day!

So excited to be heading back to one of the most beautiful places in Canada... Make that the world!

Banff National Park, here I come :-)

When I travel the world and meet people from other countries, this is usually the vision they have about Canada. Rugged mountains, crystal clear lakes, pristine forests, and unrivalled natural beauty as far as the eye can see. 

You know, I like their vision of my country. I like it a whole lot :-)

 To all my fellow Canadians, take a moment to reflect on just how lucky you are to live in such a beautiful country.

Wishing you all a wonderful and happy Canada Day.


+Travel Alberta 
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Woow! Beautifully captured +Ken Kaminesky. I have noticed that your photography skills are very appealing. Great job!! 
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Ken Kaminesky

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One of the tips I give to people who want to take better travel photos is to get up for sunrise to beat the crowds.

Even in very busy places like Piazzale Degli Uffizi in front of the world famous Uffizi Museum in Florence can be completely devoid of people at the crack of dawn. Well, maybe not completely devoid of people. You may find a photographer like me taking a selfie :-)

#Italy #Travel
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You are cute though u look lyk a small kid
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Ken Kaminesky

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Inspiring Places Photo Contest…/inspiring-places-photo-contest

I've teamed up with my friends at +ViewBug - Photo Contests on an exciting photo contest with an awesome prize! We are giving away one of my all time favourite cameras; the Fujifilm X-T1 and an 18mm-55mm lens.

Unlike a lot of other contests, you keep all your rights to the beautiful photos you enter.

I’ll be selecting the winner at the end of the competition on October 8th, 2015. You have lots of time to share your images and also get out there and capture some photos of the places that inspire you the most. I'm eager to see your photos :-)

Good luck to all who enter!
#photography   #photocontest   #Fujifilm  
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+Jaya Batra All photos are welcome! 
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Ken Kaminesky

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Serenity is the word that comes to mind when I think back to this moment in the Bamboo Forest in Kyoto. It was blissful listening to the sound of the wind knocking the trees together as I walked around looking for interesting angles to photograph. Yup, just the sound of the wind... And the dude with the gasoline powered leaf blower... Le sigh

I'm thrilled to be heading back to Japan next year to run a Dream Photo Tour. Pre-registration is now full, but you can sign up for our Japan Tour waiting list or check out the other tours we are running this year and next.
#Japan #Travel #Photography  
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Hopefully going to Kyoto next year - wouldlove to see this area! Gorgeous photo.
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Ken Kaminesky

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Join me this week as I take over the +About.Me ™  Instagram feed this week.

Check out the interview I did with them on their blog. In it, I reveal the secret to eternal youth, this week's winning lotto numbers, and my mom's buttermilk pancake recipe.

I love what About.Me allows us to do with their beautiful and practical profile pages. They make it easy to have all your vital contact details and other information about yourself that you want to share in a superbly designed package.

It's also a great place to connect with others and be seen by hundreds, thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of people.

Have a great day :-)
Ken Kaminesky chases adventure. With his work gracing the cover of National Geographic and in The New York Times, this travel photographer has as knack for capturing picture perfect moments in the ...
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OMG it's awesome! I like very much the nature of beauty....... I Will be following u.
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Ken Kaminesky

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I can't believe that this is even up for a vote but it is.

Let's hope that the politicians do the right thing and vote to keep our rights to take and share photos. I can't believe that I just said I'm counting on politicians to do the right thing...
The Wikipedia co-founder warns that freedom of panorama – the right to use photos of public spaces without restriction – is under threat. Sign up to save it
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+Ken Kaminesky politicians and the right thing...that is a conundrum for sure. :)
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Ken Kaminesky

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Photographer Jason Sheldon takes issue with Taylor Swift's rather hypocritic stance in her open letter to Apple regarding the new Apple Music service's policy not to pay artists during the free three month trial that is being offered.

Seems to me that her letter was more of a publicity stunt conceived by Swift and Apple rather than a complaint. After all, who writes a letter of concern and condemnation and uses terms like "astronomically successful Apple" or "I say this with love, reverence, and admiration for everything else Apple has done" or "innovators and creators at Apple are pioneering in their field" or "we admire and respect Apple so much"... Sounds more like an advert for Apple than an open letter condemning their policy of not paying artists. 

If it was a publicity stunt, then bravo! Well done. That's creative marketing strategy. Regardless of whether it was or not, Swift's policies for photographers shooting her shows is now in the spotlight and she needs to address the fact that she is doing the same thing that she is condemning. Even worse, in the contract that she makes photographers sign before photographing her concerts, it states that the photographer can only license images a single time in one named publication, never use them again, and she would be allowed to use them for non commercial (i.e.: publicity) use for all eternity, without having to compensate the photographer. The contract also threatens the destruction of photographers equipment (including but not limited to cell phones, memory cards, etc) if they breach the agreement.  

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
Dear Taylor Swift, I have read your open letter to Apple where you give your reasons for refusing to allow your album ‘1989' to be included on their forthcoming Apple Music streaming service. ...
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