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Nancy , my life partner, and soul mate .

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This video goes a long way in showing how much you can do with a synth .
This synth is awesome (my wish list !)
Many synthesizers make it difficult to access the features they boast about with deep digital menu diving , and a learning curve that often surprises you with limited functions.
Per control function -controls and immediate access to parameter modification increases the creativity , spontaneity, and musicality of the instrument.
Analogue synths are desirable for this reason.

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Good night google
Play this for good dreams tonight.

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Also check out
camel holocaust
By three arm Sally
From the film
John Dies at the End

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The zombie is wrong .
He was slain by eight bullets as stated in the beginning of the riddle.
I gotta find the book.
I hear that it was better than the movie!

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Don't bury me here it's too cold.
Take me back.
Carry me back , back to gasoline alley where I started from.

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Dubious photo technology.
In a dubious world.
Very dubious.

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But the look on Tommy Lee's face.
I'm laughing with tears.

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This song is hard to hear . It brings you back for a few moments every now and then , but you left me far behind..
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