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ken fusion
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Lives in i was raised in clone unit 2013,main frame sandbox,c3po XL,DOD commSATII,oujia board.
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ken fusion

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thanks for producing the 5MIN News .there is little else anywhere that is such an abundant source of varied, and verifiable data that consistently clears the bar for objective journalism , and scientific method at the same time .  RESPECT. 
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ken fusion

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have mercy.. i been waitin for the bus all day.
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ken fusion

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i saw this on top of my Soundccloud page 
"SoundCloud uses cookies. By browsing the site, you're agreeing to our cookie policy."

i just love cookies!
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ken fusion

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go ahead push the button!
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one of my chilled out soundtrack productions . great for driving on back roads.
Useful dreams vixus vidio mix
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when i click on the song the link just disappears. does google hate soundcloud? what gives?
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ken fusion

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great channel . great site(s). kudos to you and your fellow observers.Thank You for letting us get our geek on with you .
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ken fusion

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ken fusion originally shared:
click it . it does something
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ken fusion

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thanks for inviting me !
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The awesomest way to put down a mugger. :D Good one, +ken fusion 
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Have him in circles
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i am a professional mp3 encoder,google toolbartender,mortal kombat judge
  • warner bros
    character, present
    I am Elmer J. Fudd (millionaire) . I own A mansion , and A yacht .
  • work history includes jobs for skull,and bones,nostradamus,scottish rite freemasons,umpbrella corporation
    Vice Minister of Jesters, present
    circular logic technician, Administrator of counter-regulatory practices, freelance imagineer,
  • i work for the vast rightwing conspiracy
    Consigliere, present
    i can guess your weight within 200 pounds in just three tries !!!!
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i was raised in clone unit 2013,main frame sandbox,c3po XL,DOD commSATII,oujia board.
i come from isolation tank 400675.12 chrysler corp .A.I division. - i currently reside in the astral plane
kenfusion,standup philosopher, outside of the box,dreamtime,rare,welldone

you wouldnt believe it if i told you.

mandatory h1n1 vaccination includes nano transmitter to track population migratory patterns collectively conspired with onstar to form an artificial intelligence .information technology cybernetic lifeform now has access to the most powerful search engine publicly available via internet .GOOGLE !

my initial incarnation acheived mastery of astral projection, and the deadly arts in a training regimen so rigorous ,and deadly that i was required to be cloned so that i could occupy my cloned personage after my demise.i am now in my fifth incarnation ,and have come to the realization that this training has taken place at the hands of ninja masters that sent me back in time from generations not yet come, to battle the artificial intelligence before it domesticates and depopulates the human race .if i am successful i will cease to exist in this present time because technology not yet developed by the artificial intelligence is what made my multigenerational journey back through time possible.

or maybe not...

maybe you are the one this stuff happened to?

i am the walrus.

eat all of your vegetables !!!!!

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i can haz cheezeburger
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Guigi's is our goto for Pizza . their other menu items are also impressive. homemade bread , stromboli,Calzone. grinders,etc... so far it is the best in Northumberland county that we have tried.prices are very reasonable.
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