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Nancy , my life partner, and soul mate .


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Because you should know real science. I am sharing this .
Download the disaster predicton app .The correlation between solar activity and earthquakes , super powerful stars with incredible gamma signature , and more are some of the things to learn about . Aren't you tired of hearing about large objects narrowly missing the earth after the fact?

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Had to reshare.
I hope I'm not tweaking anybody's nose ,but this is too good.

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Chavez Bakery Oxford Ct.



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Been a fan of RUSH for years
The music is amazing for 3 guys to make such a rich full sound , but the poetry in the lyrics speaks to me on a deep personal level .

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I'd make everything alright.
If I could wave my magic wand.

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Heard this disc playing at an occult store in Salem .
Great artist .
Beautiful voice.
Classy arrangements.
A solo voice with a mind for harmony. 

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Welcoming a new planet into the solar system in 100 years !

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This really brings me back.
Let's all go to candy mountain !

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This is an improvised raga I recorded . The first 45 seconds are mostly just bassline. But it goes crazy after that .
Might remind you a bit of Robbie Krieger. 
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