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+Evo Terra was sharing his folding bike altercation with his local bus driver.  One of the comments on that post (found at ) was "Bikes fold up?" so I thought I'd drop a link to a blog post I did on my folding bike.

I should make a slight addition to my since I wrote that 2 years go: Its been 2 years and I've kept it up.  I ride as long as its warm enough (so starting in early spring and ending in November) and its not raining. With my recent weight loss and the health upgrade that's come with it its not even something I think about anymore.
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Folders are cool!

I've thought a few times about getting a Brompton ("getting my brompt on.")

However, I think given my location what I need is more activity-specific bikes, and fewer all around city bikes (one is enough!)

If I were still dealing with London / tube / the local challenges there, I'd probably have gotten a folder by now.
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