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Keira Henricks
You can't take the sky from me.
You can't take the sky from me.


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Only need $50 more to reach my fundraising goal! The Niagara ride is tomorrow at Brock U in St. Catharines.

Please support the Canadian Mental Health Association. Every little bit helps and you're supporting a very important cause.

Help raise awareness and end the stigma! Please, sponsor me for Ride Don't Hide!

#MentalHealthAwareness #EndTheStigma #RideDontHide

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"It's super hard to code when every month your insides are ripped from you body in slow motion."

Being a girl coder is a real struggle. Boobs get in the way, hair and eyes lashes are super distracting, and tampons.....I mean.... It's impossible.

Uh oh, here comes a mood swing..... smashes keyboard

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One Brave Night
One Brave Night

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I'm participating in CAMH ‪#‎OneBraveNight‬ for ‪#‎MentalHealth‬ on May 13th. Please help me reach my fundraising goal by donating from my page.

To learn more about this event, go to

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"Depression is serious – debilitating, often dangerous, and it’s got an enormous stigma. It leaves people to fend for themselves."

"It’s bad enough without people ramming Happy Tips at you through facebook. There is no miracle behaviour change that will flip that switch for you."

I usually hate these kind of posts, but this one is different. But the end really sums it up.

"This list will not cure you. This list will not flip on the happy switch. God, I wish it were that easy. The theme here is to not to unknowingly sabotage yourself."

So share this link. Share. Share! SHARE! For anyone dealing with depression, this is a great reminder that you are not alone and hopefully help you get through the tough days.

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This app came pre-installed on my HTC One M9. I ignored it at first, but was bored one day and decided to try it out.

I absolutely love it! I loved it even more once I figured out that you can edit your channel list so it doesn't show channels you don't get. I still default to my regular remote the majority of the time, but I like that I can see what's on without opening the guide on my TV because sometimes I like to see what else is on while still watching the current show, or see what's coming up and don't actually want to change channels yet.

The only problem I have is when trying to use it for any buttons that control my television (a Samsung LED TV), it is picky about the angle and direction it is pointed. The regular remote that came with the television and the one for my cable box, which is programmed to power on/off the television as well as adjust the volume, are less picky, meaning I can point it at the ceiling and it still turns on/off or adjusts the volume, but with Peel Smart Remote, my phone has to be pointed straight at the IR receiver on the television or it does nothing. But since the only thing I ever need to change on the TV is the volume or source, it's not a big deal. My HD cable box is far less picky about direction, so no issues there (aside from issues pertaining to the box itself and service provider since I live in a rural area but that isn't the app's fault).

My only complaint about the app itself is how frequently parts of the interface are changed. Since the updates to the interface are mostly for the better I don't mind, it just throws me off when every other time I open the app, some things are in different places. But the app just keeps getting better. Keep up the good work!

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"A mental health disorder acts like a magnifying glass to problems. It convinces the sufferer that they don't deserve someone's affection. It can cause them to be distant."

"It's OK to ask them questions.
"Education is half the battle. The more you learn about their condition, the easier it is for you to understand."

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The spam emails I get are ridiculous. If you legitimately wanted my business, you'd actually LOOK at my website and see that I am a web developer and am perfectly capable to redoing my own website. And I literally just redid my website a couple weeks ago.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Sometimes I am actually tempted to reply to these and be super snarky, but I know there is more than likely not even a person on the receiving end.
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