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Thank You for having me here❤️ I love Michael Jackson 🤗

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I spend days in my room waitin you
All to myself but I'm not sure how I plan
A brilliant plan cos you see I want you...I want to
Fall in love with I practice fallin... and when i
Meet you in person, I'll fall at a perfect aim....

Hope you fall for me, hope
I'm lucky enough to be caught by
The weight of your arms....maybe
I shall spend mornings in my room
Wishin Without stars above....
But prayers between my knuckles....

Someday we realize we're no longer be
The greatest dream in the world, we could be
Real flesh and bone that stuck to each other's

I spend days lovin you in tears that pour down to my pillow
And in poetry...thinkin your invisibility would become your
Own person...someone who I yearn to touch, a beautiful human
I wanna kiss....

Spend days wonderin when will you come to me?
Sooner, I could wait forever and forever....

© Kai C. 7-30-17

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disney idea
disney idea
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