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FREE PREVIEW with Paul jones & Matoula Piskopani
7pm - 8.30 pm - LOTUS SANCTUARY
In this relaxed evening over nibbles and drinks we will get into the the ways the Conscious Breath works to create a more harmonious, healthy, loving and balanced in every way human being.
In simple words, we will cover:
*the details of the mind-body co-ordination over a Conscious Breathing session and how this is beneficial for overall health and well-being.
*History of Breathwork: From the lows to Scientific Research
*Breath-Experience test (for only a few minutes)
*Details of a workshop (up-coming on 27 January)
*Sneak-peak on our India Retreat this April

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Coming back to Kawai Purapura for 2016 is the six week Yoga Beginners Course with Pragyadhara.
February 9th - March 16th
To register contact: or Facebook: Pragyadhara Yoga

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Last week saw the end of another great Raw Food and Detox Retreat facilitated by Louise Darragh-Law. These Detox Retreats are becoming more and more popular.
If you are looking for change in your life the powerful place to start is within yourself.
Feeling fabulous on the inside brings a whole new level of fabulous on the outside as well.
Thank you to Ivana Young for the beautiful photos. #kawai_purapura

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Many of you know our fabulous 'cook extraordinaire' at Kawai Purapura - 'Jayne', but we have many new ones who have joined us here on our Facebook page and for those who have not met her as yet... Jayne is the force, the energy and focus behind the amazing food served at Kawai Purapura.
She heads the team that work at creating the array of healthy foods always on offer and these will be available over the time of both our festivals.
Grown in the garden at Kawai Purapura, picked, washed and onto the plate. Colour, taste, goodness and that vital ingredient ... 'love' are what our foods are filled with.
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Charity Film Screening – “Little Voices from Fukushima”
February 6th @ 10:00am - 4:00pm
It is a story of lives of families, especially mothers, after Fukushima nuclear accidents.
After the catastrophe of Fukushima nuclear plant, some people chose refuge to protect children from radiation exposure, and others decided to stay in Fukushima.
Four years since the catastrophe of Fukushima nuclear plant, the new stage of efforts to reduce radiation exposure has begun in Japan.

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Come and play with us!
We still need more parent helpers for both the Long Bay and Albany programmes. All the parent helpers on the last programme had an absolutely fantastic time. It was a chilled out day, hanging out in Nature, watching happy children. If you think you might be interested but have some questions we are happy to chat. Just flick us an email at and Harriet will call you back.
Here is what one parent said after the last programme:
"I really enjoyed being a parent helper at ‘Into the Woods’. It was fantastic to hang out in the forest and just discretely observe the children. My role was really to ensure the children were safe and interacting with them, if they wanted. In other situations, as a parent, I would usually try and get involved, help out, etc. Here I didn’t and it was amazing to see how well the kids do without adults - they worked together, interacted across all ages, would ask for help from another child, and help when asked. They were so busy for the 6 hours they were there and certainly didn’t need my interaction. The time flew by for myself, and I loved seeing all the kids just creating magic by just being themselves and being in nature! Fantastic experience! #conscious_kids 

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Oh my goodness it is getting exciting now. 2016 is here and the festivals are only weeks away now! At this time we still have a couple of spaces left for stalls at either of our festivals.
So if you have a product or a service that you would like to showcase to the large crowd that will be attending both festivals make contact with and Lydia will supply you with all information required.
Come and be part of this opportunity to get known, to let your product be seen, or yourself if it is a service you offer.. this is the perfect place to do so as you are within the village of other stalls and have the support and camaraderie of the other stall holders around you. Annual International Yoga Festival & Conference 19th - 21st February Voices of Sacred Earth Festival - 11th - 13th March
We would love to share this time with you!

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BREATHE 4 JOY! (Breathwork Workshop)
January 27th @ 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Rebirthing/Breathwork is a technique based on Conscious Breathing. As your breathing expands in your chest, you are able to observe how life enters your body and what behavioural patterns you have come to accept and follow in life.
These subconsious patterns rise to the surface to be realised and released, and therefore bring ease and peace in all aspects of your being... #kawai_purapura

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When we get to a place within ourself where we can accept ourself for who we know ourself to be right now! And when we realise that we are perfect within our imperfection right NOW.. then there is an ease that comes to us.
The 'inner battle' ceases and life comes to us with more of a natural flow. No more struggle, no more tiredness from endless self beatup.. and it all starts with the awareness that we are OK right now in this moment. Yes there is always more inner work to do .. and there always will be, but accept this and there is a grace that settles upon us.. life does not appear so harsh!
Kawai Purapura have many classes, retreats, events, seminars and workshops on a very diverse range of topics all created to assist those on the journey to know self.
If you are looking for support you are bound to find something here at Kawai Purapura to help with this.

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7 day – Ayurveda and Yoga Detox
February 6th @ 9:00am - February 12th @ 5:00pm
with Shailendra Negi from Rishikesh
Designed to deeply cleanse the body, and work on a physical, mental and spiritual level, we combine Ayurvedic therapies and Yoga practices to up-lift and re-energize....

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