This morning on the subway I sat next to a lady who was carrying what appeared to be her entire world in huge bags.

It was rush hour, the train was packed and the only other empty seat on the train was on her other side. As people crowded on, no one sat there until we reached a major stop where a suit took the seat. He immediately whipped out his Blackberry and started furiously typing away. My thumbs had already been flying on my BB since sitting down so here we were, framing the lady with her universe of bags all the while clicking away with our very chatty opposable digits.

To my absolute f'ing delight the lady dug through her bag and brought out a calculator. One of those huge novelty ones with buttons the size of Chiclets that my daughter has asked for every single time one shows up in the sale bin at Staples.

The lady with the bags started thumbing her calculator in what I'm sure was 100% pure mock of me, the suit, and about 80% of the train.

It was beyond awesome.

After another subway stop I asked her if she got good reception on that thing. She never answered but it didn't matter. She totally made my day.
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