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kasperay H.
I am here to develop and encourage innovative ideas!
I am here to develop and encourage innovative ideas!

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Whosoeverknow by kasperay.

Thy heart feeling strange sense.
Fierce beats this deep wrestling.
Prevent torment bitter conflict.
Perhaps reveal by uncertainties.
Where tears light way by night.
Had not slept joy, nor sorrow.

Grief sun flames of souls burn.
Happiness of many depending.
Sad illusion no secret is life.

Began this emptiness this void.
Took form first not seeing sky.
Vibration manifesting creation.
Now embracing all that exists.

Any non-interest be not human.
Nations grieve gradual madness.
Locking all moments to speak.

Helplessness those confuse being.
Courage answers be not helpless.
Excessive interest this attention.

Tasteless these confined borders.
Suffered force therefore injured.
Longing do exceed all distances.

Movements stand by bewildered.
Wholeheartedly embracing sunset.
Desert showers yes spring flowers.

Thy mind captured overflowed.
Eagerness ability to pronounce.
Influence rising with great power.

To judge therefore difficult trace.
Light with respect soon radiate.
Every breath of air is tortured.
Where every thing' is missed.

Current existence be falsehoods.
Whose truth therefore not certain.
Who is Truth, but consciousness.

Still between prison, still jailer.
Seeing more of, than nothingness.
Encompassing celestial beauty.

Merge for various reasons.
Seated around thy world union.
Absorbed this evidence pointing.

Guilt reside in nations do exist.
Nature probability sentenced.
Recover heavens body reflection.
Earths love conceives passion.

Still exists shape shapeless alike.
Formless is like water fire is air.
Dark energy content of universe.
Gravity perfectly be motionless.

Milky Way has seen waterways.
Heaven sailed upon all horizons.
Both sun the moon lead way.

Ancient describe as identified.
Excessive demands do cause.
To manipulate maketh coexist.

Tolerate selective comparisons.
Inflexible lack loyalty retaliate.
Dishonesty still creating hate.

Whosoeverknow obtains desire.
Whosoeverknow adored in world.

Thy object knowledge purifier.
Humans the object of profound.
Why energy to negative thinking.
Beyond body true nature infinity.

True knowledge knower is known.
Consciousness itself Is essence.
For what it is, to it thee become.

Ultimate truth that all is one.
Becoming this become thy soul.
Higher state transcendental reality.

Patience is for certain things.
Hearts hold eagerly filling earth.
Simply reached this point in life.

Breaking silence with a dream.
Sympathy releases compassion.
Need state of universal harmony.

Reawaken sensations of humanity.
Now go share together peacefully.

Thy know coming so is love.
Displeases love losses indeed.
Another consequence, maybe.
But not to waste more time...

My name is...kasperay

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