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Kapil Sibal
Committed to democracy and constitutional values. Die-hard believer in economic and social inclusion.
Committed to democracy and constitutional values. Die-hard believer in economic and social inclusion.


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"India Today, India Tomorrow" is a programme that interview families across generations and gives you a chance to peak into their lives, sense that magic and hear their stories.

In this episode we bring to you Senior Congress leader and Lawyer, Kapil Sibal and his son Akhil who is an outstanding lawyer.

- Posted by Team Sibal, via +India Today

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"Why is the youth being targeted in this country? Be it in Hyderabad or IIT Madras or FTII or JNU? In what direction are we heading?

Why are sedition charges being filed without an enquiry? Why wasn’t an internal investigation carried out first, as to who raised the slogans in what context? Once you determine who was raising the slogans, appropriate action should have been taken.

The Home Minister on the basis of a fake tweet claimed that Hafeez Saeed is supporting these students.

Why was a case of sedition filed against students simply because they raised their voice against the government?

When Kanhaiya Kumar had to be presented to the Court, BJP goons started engaging in violence in Patiala Court. Is this democracy?

Is this Prime Minister Modi’s definition of democracy?
Whoever speaks against PM Modi or against ABVP, they will be assaulted and cases will be filed in the courts.

Delhi police remained a mute spectator as students, teachers and journalists were assaulted inside the court complex and outside it!

When Sakshi Maharaj eulogized Nathuram Godse, why wasn’t a charge of sedition filed against him?

When Damodar Naik celebrated Godse as a martyr, why wasn’t he charged with sedition?

India doesn't need lessons in patriotism from those who are successors of Godse and those who sided with the British in the Freedom struggle.

The RSS did not even choose to fly the National Flag at their Nagpur headquarters for 52 years after Independence… Is that an example of patriotism?

What about filing sedition charges against those who fly ISIS flags in J&K? is the BJP silent because they are a coalition partner there?

Modi Govt has abdicated its responsibility of governance. It is blindly following the obscurantist agenda set by its masters, the RSS.

This Government doesn't know how to govern. This Government knows how to repress people. This Government knows how to shower a reign of terror on young people.

The Modi Government must realise that Democracy means the Right to Debate, Right to Dissent, Tolerance and Brotherhood."

- These are my thoughts and questions for the Modi Government, which I shared at a Press Conference on 16th Feb. Please see the video below, and share your thoughts here as well.

The BJP Government at the Centre cannot distance itself from the rising intolerance and crimes against humanity, by shifting responsibility to the States.

It has to act on what it calls “state-issues” the same way it wanted the UPA Government to respond, when BJP was in Opposition.

Why the double standards now?

Read more of my thoughts on the subject, in my column published in the Indian Express:…/…/columns/the-state-issue-excuse/

Freedom is
a precious 

not to
let adrift

we have
to keep

miles to go
we sleep

Happy Independence Day !

56 inch
ki chhati
58 ka

kahan gayee
woh chhati
kahan gaya

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Namaskar! Sharing some excerpts and a video of my Press Conference today, on the turnarounds and unkept promises of Modi-ji and his government.
- In Aug 2013, Modi said "Our country's protectors are being killed by Pak Army, what is the Govt doing?" Today we ask same question of him.
- While the Chinese are docking submarines in Pak, Modi is giving them e-visas.
- Modi's cabinet has twice as many ministers facing criminal cases as compared to the previous Govt.
- Before the elections, Modi said in Maharashtra, that he will not discriminate between BJP and others on Corruption. Today the reality is different.
- This Govt is Modi centric,not citizen centric. There is a sound and light show going on since 15 months.
See the full Press conference video here: 

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Laws alone cannot change society, until we change social perceptions and our mentality. Cinema is a great way to bring about this change. Zainab is one such movie, that celebrates humanity.

I'm delighted to share that I've penned the lyrics of 5 songs in this movie produced and directed by Pranav Singh, and starring Ashutosh Rana, Jimmy Sheirgill, Sanjay Suri and Hiten Tejwani among others.

'baat mann ki' at prime time,
fixed choices at meal time.
Ministers are supine,
Loktantra in decline,
encounters at day time.
If no stitches in time,
Achhey din 
only 'mine'.

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If Digital India will get us high dividends in the long run, who will foot the bill in the short term?

If the proponents of Net Neutrality and Digital India have the same objectives, why are they opposing each other?

Here is my perspective on ‪#‎NetNeutrality‬ along with an idea for the Modi Govt.

Do read, and let me know what you think!

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While there is plenty of positive chatter around the current government's initiatives in various areas, the big negative today is the rising intolerance toward beliefs, thoughts, and ideas that are different from those in power and those close to them.

In the following article on my blog, I pause and ask you to reflect on the intent of the government in recent times; pause and reflect on the efforts to influence and channel education and available information, toward a self-serving, damaging agenda of an insular, inward looking nation.

Please read, share, and do post your thoughts on the subject here
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