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Exploring Wireless Earbud technology
Exploring Wireless Earbud technology

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Are you wondering how Wireless Earbuds compare to Wired?

For me this is an important question. I listen to small in-ear headphones for a couple of hours everyday. And I have become very attached to these little buds on strings.

What if the strings (wires) go away? Will it still be as good? Or better?

Let's take a look at the facts:

Wires can't get caught. This is great when you like to listen to music while moving around.

More freedom of movement for your head.

No tangling while stored, so no untangling ever again.

No rubbing or "micro-phonics" sounds.

You get to walk around your room without having to take your phone or laptop with you.

Unfortunately, some of the benefits also lead to drawbacks. (This is so annoying but we can't escape it.)

Short playtime because of very small batteries and quite some
electronics. Carrying cases partially solve this but you will need to take a break every 4 to 6 hours

Sound limited to CD quality due to Bluetooth bandwidth.

You can lose them if they don't fit well. There are no wires to secure them.

Find out how this comparison unfolds on:

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So, what do 21st century headphones look like?

It’s difficult to predict the future, some say it’s impossible. But do you think that the earbuds of the future will have wires?

Would you call it the future if you are untangling a ball of spaghetti (wires) whenever you want to listen to some music?

If you answer no to those questions, I completely agree with you. Pretty much every data transfer in the field of consumer electronics has cut the cords: wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, wireless network, wireless car kit, wireless phones, wireless camera’s. And then you want to listen to some music, and you have to plug in you wired earbuds.
It seems obvious where this development is going. If you want to know more about the biggest topics regarding wireless earbuds:

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go to:

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