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I am Irreplaceable!
I am Irreplaceable!

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Hand Written Principles of KanakaSairamPadam. I strictly follow them!. I feel like this is the time to reminisce all once again!. Well there are a lot.of principles that I follow. My Principles, My Life!. These speaks volumes about my character!. This is how I have always been!. And this is how I have been raised.

- Never Lie to anyone about anything!

- Never Trust Everyone. People are Fake all around the World!. (Exception is Family)

- Always been assertive, aggressive, adamant, reclusive and Savage.

- Be with and listen to people who are worth your life.

- Always respect people who respects you and respect them back!.

- Treat all people in the very same way how they treats you. If they treat you as Worse then treat them as Trash!!. If they treat you as an option then treat them as a choice!.

- Love back the people who loves you 100x times over!.

- Speak on Face! - Frankness but be assertive!.

- Don't talk to strangers way too much. Always put a legal limit to whatever you share with Strangers. Avoid talking to deceptive girls/boys. Don't talk with 'Girls' unless they are worthy enough to even have a moments time with me!.

- Facade people are mingled in environment!. Ignore them like there is no tomorrow!.

- Dislike/Hate shit like Facebook, Snapchat, or whatever kinda nonsense there is!. Never use those apps. and get yourself downgraded to the level of people who uses them!. Be wise at what you do....Don't be fooled!. This isn't the time to use those apps. but time might come in future on a good platform!.

- Be a person who talks good about you even if you are not around them!.

- Ignore whoever ignores you!.(Exception - Family)

- Never do anything 'too' much!.

- My concept of 'Ego' is very different from it's core!. It is not something one can easily understand!. I have yet to see a person who understands it!(I met a person who understands it). Those who don't understands think of me as Egoistic, Sadistic etc., which I literally don't give a buck about!.

- Never talk bad words and don't criticize anyone unnecessarily.

- Parent - Parents means the ones who gave birth to you and raised you to what you are & a lot more. But to me my parents are my Dad, Mom & Peddhananna. They mean a world to me!. Eversince I am a kid, they didn't said 'no' to whatever I asked them and till now. That is how they raised me. Talk about My Peddhananna......All about me you see is his doing!. Almost literally everything!. They gave me more than what I could ever ask for!. And topping all of it....they gave me the love which I can't return to them even if I live for 100 generations.

- Siblings - My Sister. Before I tell you about my sister.......I wanna tell something about me. I always had the trouble of getting along with everyone. I am not much of a sociable person if that is how you call me. I have been most part of School life spent alone. I didn't even shared anything with anyone in those days though I think I am somewhat better compared to my past unsociable self. I don't know much about the world during those days. And My sister.....she always cared about me and still caring. She took me to School, She fed me lunch during lunch hours and she ate after I finished eating. Or more literally after she finished feeding me. Do you believe me if I say I too was absent when my sister took a leave to school till 8th class?!. Reasons are many but the main one is I DON'T KNOW HOW TO GO TO SCHOOL WITHOUT MY SISTER. My sister always showered a sea of love towards me. Lit. Outside my home....She is like a Parent to me.

Sister Sophie - She is whom I call My Teacher!. Without her I wouldn't have been able to become a person and intelligence what I am now. Well, I'm not calling myself as intelligent but people calls me tho!.

- Wife - Truth be told...I am not a kind of person who goes with happy-go-lucky-marriages. First of all, I wanna assure a future of 'my heart' that she will be happy and merry with me and so I am with her!. Be it in a relationship/career I have already drafted out how I want my life to be. I know what I am made of and what kinda person I am. Speaking about it.....I want my future wife to be like me. Even if she is nothing like me in character/attitude/principles.......I would be happy even if she is a half-of-what I am. I know it is too much to ask for. But If I ever decided to marry one.......I would be happy if she meets the aforementioned principles of mine. There is a lot to talk about this but that is something that only my wife should hear.

- Family is everything and it is the only 'treasure'. My concept of 'family' is a lot different!. My Family is not just My Wife and Myself!. My Family includes.......... My Wife & Me, My Parents & Her Parents, My Sister & her husband. These are the people who I consider as 'My Family'.

- Hate People who changes like seasons. Unstable people are a waste as they will change quickly to attain stability from one coin to another coin just like how equations in chemistry takes place. I have seen a lot of these trash.

- Never make a Girl Cry!.

- Be good at cooking!. There shouldn't be anything that I don't know and can't learn.

- Set my goals and Achieve them!.

- Believe in God and Pray to God!. 

11/April/2017 - Violated One of my Principle! FB is just worse!

Date - 16/April/2017 - Rectified the violated principle!

Happiness is not something that is called as a smile on a face!. It is a Smile in the heart!. Anyone can make you happy on face.....but not everyone can make you happy from heart!.

~Penned by Koldino~


Hot dives into frozen waves where past comes back to life!. Fight fear for the selfish pain it was worth it everytime!.

There is nothing that can beat the Silence!

I will not talk. I will Act my way higher!
I will not say. I will Show!
I will not Promise. I will Prove!

Emotionless, Calmness, Expressionless!. 





That is what my Name means!.

Sometimes some things makes me say wow!. Just Wow!. That Irony!. What a Pity!
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