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JYAML is a Template Framework for Joomla!
JYAML is a Template Framework for Joomla!

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YAML 4.1 Released

The wait is over. Finally, after more than six months I released YAML v4.1 on this morning. And it's a great release that comes with interesting new changes. Let's go through them:

Github: YAML is now completely available on Github. Its easier now to integrate YAML in your frontend development workflow, watch the project to stay informed of all changes, file bugs and feature request in the issue tracker.

Sass: YAML was for more than seven years -- and still is -- a modular CSS framework. Then preprocessors became very popular during the last years and many users asked me for a Sass or Less port of YAML in the past. During the work on YAML 4.0.2 I started a "small" test project, called "yaml4-sass". This project developed rapidly and It became clear to me that YAML should be based complete on such a foundation.

YAML 4.1 is the first release with the new codebase, thats completely based on Sass. On the other side, the many sers still prefer working with CSS. That's why YAML 4.1 was developed to allow both, the classic CSS workflow and the more advanced frontend development using Sass.

Grunt: YAML 4.1 is build using this great development tool. As a result, its very easy to create custom static YAML builds, based on an individual configuration of the Sass port and its even possible to configure YAMLs namespace. Take a look at the in the Github project to learn how to use it. I'm pretty sure, you'll love it.

Improved Form Module: A lot of changes were made in YAMLs form module, to make it simpler and easier to use. This results now in a significantly lower specificity for form element selectors, making it easier to overrule base styles in your on layout. Its now possible to combine any types of form elements in a row with using standard markup, based on YAMLs grid module. And finally, styling form elements become simpler with the introduction of the new unified wrapper .ym-fbox.

Support for IE6 and IE7: Let's talk about outdated browsers now. YAML 4.1 still fully supports these dinosaurs browsers because there are areas around the world where they still matter. But I also have to say, that the support of these browsers blocks the development of YAML in many cases. For example the grid- and forms module could be written so much smarter and could provide a simpler markup. And theres even more space for improvements when it comes to responsive web design.

That's why I decided that YAML 4.1.x path will be the last release path of YAML 4 and the last one, still supporting IE6 and IE7. YAML 4.1.x will of course get compatibility updates and bugfixes, but I think it's time now to go on and focus recent browsers. Therefore it wont be a surprise when I say that the work on YAML5 has already begun. There are a lot of fresh ideas waiting for me to be implemented and this new major version of YAML will require at least the Internet Exporer 8.

There's a in the project that contains all the changes of YAML 4.1.0. Take a look at it for more detailed information.

Enjoy the new release. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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Informations about further development of JYAML, YAML4 integration, jQuery and Joomla 3.0

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Great news today: The nice people from the other YAML project ( the data serialization standard: ) agreed to create a common website on their second domain to promote both projects and to show everybody that we (the developers of both projects) know and appreciate each other.

So I made this microsite and since yesterday, it's live on:

New JYAML 4.0.2 build uploaded:

Same story again for Joomla! 2.5.3. The release includes only two security fixes.

If you update to Joomla! 2.5.3 you need to download and re-install the current build of the JYAML System Plugin to fix the dublicate templates styles (

New JYAML 4.0.2 build uploaded:

Joomla! 2.5.2 are very fast released yet and contains only two security fixes.

If you update to Joomla! 2.5.2 you need to download and re-install the current build of the JYAML System Plugin to fix the dublicate templates styles.

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A YAML maintenance release. JYAML with YAML4 is planned for release around Easter.
YAML 4.0.1 Release Notes

This is the first maintenance release for YAML 4. It contains several small bug fixes as well as some clarifications in the docs.

A couple of questions came up, concerning the column module and its pros/drawbacks in comparison to the grid module. Of course, grids are much easier to handle but in flexible layouts there are certain situations where a flexible grid doesn't fit. So, I extended the docs of the column module with some typical scenarios (handling advertising or navigation lists in sidebars) to show use cases for the column module.

YAML 4.0.1 build (120303) is available for download, containing the following changes:

- base.css: added two missing commas in CSS selectors
- microformats.css: removed shorthand value from backround-image property
- typography.css: added height:auto to .flexible to avoid scaling problems
- docs: fixed positioning in deeplink navigation
- docs: corrected several typos

- extended documentation for column module (code snippets for 2-column scenarios)
- grid linearization now works in combination with .ym-equalize
- added progressive linearization feature for forms (by forcing "full" style)
- added documentation for classes .ym-error, .ym-message, .ym-required, .ym-label and .ym-noprint
- changed default markup of vlist navigation (its now similar to hlist navigation)
- updated Accessible Tabs Plugin to v1.9.4

Get the download package on:

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If you update from Joomla! 2.5.0 to 2.5.1 you need to download the current build of the JYAML System Plugin (Version 4.0.1) and re-install it.
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