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And ofcourse Google rolls out communities as a US-first feature, making sure we others have a bad chance of getting the community name we want. Thanks again, Google. I know the world outside of the USofA must be filled with dragons.

UPDATE: Not US First according to +Brian glick in the comments. Rollout according to whatever intransparent plan forcing me to spend time on this that I would rather use for something better. 
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FTR, I'm in the US and still have no button.
Where did you hear this Jan? I'm not seeing it anywhere. I just think it's rolling out like most Google+ features. Slowly.
I think it's actually Ringwise, based on internal UserIds or Voodoo
+Alistair McKinlay No, I do not have a written letter by Google that explains the rollout plan. It took me by surprise (as it did for many) and as I am/feel responsible for quite a few trademarked/registered names I now have to spend hours on waiting for the feature to show up and "grab" the terms I care for. Not for the first time. No Sunrise period, no pre-book, nothing. That's the kind of fail I mean. 
The whole point of your post is that it is US only currently. There is absolutely no indication of this. And with web apps, you can't just flip a switch and have everyone using the new features straight away. Things take time. They are planning on everyone getting it today...and it's not like it'll be the google bar all over again :-P
+Alistair McKinlay I will definitely ignore this tonight. And hope for the best. Earliest time for me to take care will be tuesday when I am back from Lisboa.
This is not US only. We're rolling this out throughout the day worldwide. And names aren't unique - so don't worry about missing out!
+Brian Glick well, thanks for again ruining my night waiting and hoping that a feature becomes available ;-)
Thx +Brian Glick can't wait. How will you deal with Communities with similar names (hostile takeover) ?
+Jan Wildeboer Anytime. ;)

+Nils Hitze What do you mean by hostile takeover? You can pick the same name as an existing community, but the members, listed owner, photo, contents etc will all be different.
Yes i know - but it might cause confusion :)
We'll keep a close eye on feedback to see if there's confusion between two similarly-named communities, and change as needed. :) Please send feedback!
Thanks Brian and THANKS G+ for giving me a Digital Home
Thanks guys - we're excited you're excited. :)
while we have a google guy here... any chance of making the mobile g+ suck less? ;)
It's so darn slow on my Galaxy and when i'm not on Wireless but on Edge/LTE/whatever
+Brian Glick for me the total deemphasis of written content and comments versus images. In the old 2.5.x app I can scroll down my stream and see most of what is written and the last 2 comments and I can immediately decide if that post is something worth engaging with. With the new one, it's all images and very often they are just a random image from a linked website...
+Brian Glick 
1. Animated gifs don't work (has led to being incredibly confused about some posts).
2. You have to log out and log back in again to switch from normal user account to a page
3. Notifications don't seem to sync their read state to the web version

I think that's mainly it for me.
Oh, and if you are sharing a link, you have to "share" it with Google plus for it to show up as one of those nice embedded page in the post. There is no way to paste a link into a post to do that.
+Brian Glick also, in the new app if you share more than one image, you have no way to influence the order. In the old one, you could remove and add images to order them, not any more. And the order you select them e.g. in Gallery for sharing is not the order in which they end up in the post...
Oh, and, of course, you can't view photospheres. I've got to think that is coming in the next version though...
What +Vladimir Pantelic said.
Many posts on my tablet are only shown as some image (that may take a while to load) and like only 3 words from the actual post
Also, an option to download the full versions of the images would be great. Sometimes when there are images with a lot of stuff in, it's so low quality you can't read anything when zoomed in. I understand why this is, but I would like to say "Cache higher quality images please".
Thanks, guys. Great feedback (I've had a lot of the same reactions - e.g. I want animated gifs ;)). Will pass it on. A lot of this stuff has been heard before and the team's looking closely at how we can continue improving.
Thanks +Brian Glick. We understand how hard it is to develop software ourselves, but these things would just make it even more awesomer than Facebook ;-)
+Alistair McKinlay especially with Web apps you have to actually spend extra effort not to roll out a feature for everyone at once.
You don't have to update millions of phones that eat your servers bandwidth for breakfast. 
Android app still sucks. Here is why: (long list)

Apart from the already mentioned things it has major issues with notifications and bad networks.

Like you clicking on a notification about a new comment... And it silently fails, showing just the comments it already loaded, not informing you that there are a dozen other ones it failed to load.

And of cause that notification is gone forever once clicked.
No matter if it actually succeeded in loading the content you are being notified about.
... So much for transactions.

Notifications between multiple Android devices and the web (with the Nexus7 and 10 tablet usage grew even stronger)

Why is there still no Google+ for GoogleTV?
It's so image centric that it's unusable for reading the texts on tablets (the background image has higher priority then the few bytes of comments), yet it needs to be sideloaded=pirated for the big screen of a GoogleTV.

And images not being zomable in the web?
The larger your physical screen is, the less you are able to read text in images.

Having to log out and in In the Android client all the time because it does notify only for that one account and one page?
What's the point of having e.g. a GoogleTV or a tablet that's shared between people? People having work and private accounts! Discouraging the Businesses that spend tons of money in Google advertisement and want to work "on social". Be agile. React fast to follower comments and posts!

Still no API!
Not a single multi-protocol twitter client can integrate Google+ and give people a smooth way to move over by cross posting for a while, their posts becoming longer and more image-heavy then Twitter allows and finally leaving Twitter for Google+.
Your competitor is Twitter, not so much Facebook!

There is not even an account and page selector in the "share with" activity of the Google Plus app.
Very bad user experience. 
You have to select and download and type content again because you suddenly notice that your Google+ app is currently in the Page instead of the account or the personal instead of some after-dark account.

What's the issue with Nicknames?
I can't find people that I have known for years because I know them by their nicknames. I have no clue and I don't care about their "real names".
They don't want me to know their real name and for good reason!
PS: in the Android contacts app it doesn't fine people when I search for their nickname entered in gmail-web as "nickname: ___" in addition to their real name that I don't know from the top of my head because I only use it for paper-mail and door-bells.

Image ordering!

The ability to add additional images to your last post. Not making all images you could possibly need, then typing, then sending, then finding out you are missing one but only being able to edit the text.
(It's already an improvement that you can edit texts you entered on the phone in the web. Previously they turned up empty when you hit "edit".)

Why isn't Blogger better integrated into Google+ ?
Google+ is microblogging, Blogger is (macro)blogging.
I can inform people here about a blog-post but I can't turn a microblog-posting that gets too long into a full blog post.
I can't copy&paste because all + and # will be removed from the text, garbling the text beyond recognition!

Don't get me started on how poorly practucally all Google Android software is tested on slow and unreliable networks.

Every Twitter client stores a posting you send and retries until it can upload. Google+ doesn't. It forces you to keep the Google+ client open, thus highjacking your phone until network stabilizes enough to send out the posting.

Edit the posting you just sent due to a type? The one that's still in memory?
You have to load it from the network again!

When you use multi-signin on the web and select menu->link to this post?
It keeps the /0/ and /1/ in your link. So you can't jsut paste that link anywhere because if this happens to be your work account /1/, people clicking that link will get a login screen instead of the posting.

Oh and there is no reasonable place to give bug reports like these...
Yeah actually. I have wondered for a while why it has to constantly download your images etc even when they were uploaded from your phone... 
I guess it doesn't know the link to your local content provider AND that provider's content may be changed at any time.

I added a ton of other things to the blog-posting. The comment got way too long.
Anything else I should add? Just tell me!
So if there is some automagic rollout plan at work here, wouldn't it be nice to use the geoinformation you have stored about us? So that people in Europe get the stuff during their afternoon hours and not in the middle of the night?
+Alistair McKinlay When they intorduced Pages I went to bed at 4 am. Absolutely not going to happen today. Fuck them all for this. As the official owner of the +Red Hat page I expected to get an early notification or a reserved community name, but being forced to fight against possible cybersquatters occupying a registered trademark is simply wrong.
I am not staying up. It's 19:30 over here and I am packing for my short vacation (the first after 3 years) to Lissabon tomorrow. I just checked to see if I got the new feature - I didn't so far.
Have fun! Had my first real vacation after 10 years this year in Mountain View.
Please don't sleep deprive yourself over this. :) It's going to take a little while for us to roll this out to everyone.

And don't worry about being denied the ability to pick your desired community name - community names are not unique. There can be two "Basketball" communities.
+Brian Glick I hope you/your legal department understands the implications of that when it comes to registered trademarks like Red Hat ...
How to you search for and find communities then?
I can only reach out to the in cyberspace by simple IT: I spent 8 years offline (2002-2010) and the Gap has made me  disfunctional on net. I don't know much anymore. But the imprortant issues I have in mind also on documents. Sorry if <i don't do it right yet. I am doing the best I can :)
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