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Oracle now ships LibreOffice with its Linux. The irony in that fact is truly priceless. Via +Charles-H. Schulz
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Honestly there's little or no value for oracle in openoffice, the acquisition was realistically all about java, and perhaps mysql. So it's probably of little consequence.
I would venture a guess that the Sun acquisition was all about Egos.
Perhaps, but i would say more likely about what their lawyers saw as an IP trolling opportunity, which is thankfully seeming to fall flat on it's face
trust me, it was Scott who knew he had to sell and thought his buddy Larry would be a better match for his company than IBM and Larry saw a chance to outdo IBM. That's all that was to it. Big boys games.
To think such disruptive wasteful legal fallout was precipitated by egomaniac johnson measuring drivers is terrifying!
added by the upstream release
Adam D
Even if added by upstream release, they could still remove it in favor of OpenOffice. Oh well, more userbase, right?
Blind Copy paste.
Perhaps RedHat shout ship with a package named Oracle-guys-have-tiny-dicks.rpm just to check if it makes it to Oracle linux distro.
I agree. That is just copy and paste of the RHEL packages to provide their precious "unbreakable" linux.
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