Patent reform ideas, braindump version.

#1: "All proceedings from infringement MUST go to the original inventor."

#2: "Ownership of a patent is bound to the inventor named in it and this is a non-transferrable right."

#3 "Only the original inventor as named in the patent can decide on the licensing terms and royalty rates and must state these a priori as part of the filing process."

Think about that for a second. There is a whole market of selling and reselling patents between trolls and other NPE (Non Practicing Entities) based on income from supposed infringement. To stop this madness we can either hope for a reform in the patent system that leads to superior quality (has been tried for quite some years, has not worked so far) or, and this is the beter approach IMHO, we start to change the fundamentals by making patents inalienable and thus dry up the troll market completely.

Also by forcing an a priori licensing model that becomes part of the patent itself we could make sure that we return the patent system to its original goal - make knowledge available in exchange for a limited monopoly.

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