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sfcrazy writes "Google has declared Red Hat's RHEL 6 obsolete, showing a notification which says, 'Google Chrome us no longer updating because your operating system is obsolete.' Red Hat evangelist Ja...
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Well, RHEL would need a different Desktop maintenance model to be relevant in the space - which would be GREAT. I am tired of Fedora breaking everything once a months. So please, Red Hat, help us out and do a fix the RHEL Desktop model just out of your benevolence.
+Daniel Riek Singing to the choir over here ;-) It seems however this is related to Gnome libraries. Updating those can lead to nasty breakage ...
+Jan Wildeboer which would be solvable if they were designed right... And it would be no problem for google to maintain compatibility if there was a business case for them - means adoption.
+Daniel Riek Quiet some folks at NASA and CERN and a few other organisations are using RHEL 6 based desktops. Also a few thousand Red Hatters. Seems it is not enough to convince Google.
and approx. 10000 IBMers worldwide...
Well, serves you all right for trusting them ;-) 
Do they target enterprises that much anyway...?
"Basically, the problem is this: Chromium depends on extensions to libraries that have not been merged with the main releases of those libraries, and so having Chromium on Fedora would require either static linking (giant packages) or maintain separate sets of libraries just for Chromium. Neither of those options is something that Fedora will do, and if Fedora is unwilling to include a package in its repositories the package as almost no chance of being included in RHEL. Years have passed since the problem was first discussed with Google (see the link), and there has not really been much progress, mostly for the same reasons that RHEL6 is not supported by Chrome: Google does things their way and is not going to change that for someone else (regardless of that other person's reasoning)."
Well, I bet Chrome for Ubuntu LTS will work for RHEL as well after fixing some libaries.
I run EL6 (CentOS) as stable desktop OS because I don't want to upgrade my system every once in a while and break my tools I need for my work. If most of people arround me run Windows 7 (from 2010) I don't see why running a linux distro from 2010 would be so outdated.
BTW Nothing prevents you from building recent software or a recent Gnome or KDE for EL6. I have build KDE 4.9.5 (and even KDE 3.5.10) succesfully for it. And it will keep working as is for the next couple of years because the API/ABI of the underlying libraries will be stable.
So Google is screwing the upstream again?
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