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Let me share my MakerStuff circle - full of people that make stuff. Reprappers, robotics, Arduino, ...
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already had most of them circled, thanks for the other ones :)
And I thought I had large circles .... boy, do mine pale compared to yours.
Consider me floored. When my FB crossed the 3000 friend mark, I started trimming it down. 600-700 is large enough for me. My google+ is smaller than that. Pretty sure most people aren't that interested in my tweets and doings :) I guess I'm a bit picky. I find myself trimming the lists a few times a year; not just adding never to re-evaluate.

Besides, some friends of mine got pretty upset when I sent them an invite to join me on Google+ - so I guess I keep it small staying in the small hundreds.

That said - I love the Maker community. Albeit I have no chance of making it there. Being color blind, I cannot tell the color codes apart on a simple resistor or capacitor. But I love the software parts of the controllers.
Maybe Circles need to a superstructure like Sets. That way the Circle would be as atomic as possible and Sets could bring together many Circles at a higher level. Thus the MakerStuff Set would include a Reprapper Circle, a Robotics Circle, and an Arduino Circle. Of course a Robotics Set could include the Robitics Circle and the Arduino Circle.

I'm just continually amazed how far ahead feature developers don't look, given the basics of Data Processing that we already understand. Data always needs the ability to group groups with multiple inheritence.
+Peter Larsen thank you for opening up a new playfield for me, we need barrierfree physical computing
+NeoPhyte Representative (I normally refuse to take pseudonyms serious) I shared a circle I made myself that combines all of that in one circle because I chose to do so. It is my makerstuff circle. I am not interested in any deeper filtering or else I would have done.
+Jan Wildeboer I was only noting that Google+ Circles are a single level structure that precludes structures that are normal in other data organizing tools.
+Jan Wildeboer I wasn't suggesting a Hierarchy as the mechanism, just the potential display. Relational tables (sets) can implement a large variety of solutions if they are the result of deep analysis of the reporting needs. Tables aren't much more difficult to implement as the base component than lists (circles), but give more flexibility if used with a join type function in mind.
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