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I cannot express how much I #blamepopey for the fact that +Fabian Scherschel links to an obviously stolen digital picture at imgur when the original author is my beloved David Thorne. </sarcasm> PS it's about and copying is not theft.
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where did the bits go?! oh noes!
Can you stop berating me for just sharing links? Some people appreciate the fact that I share stuff I find funny. I'm at work, I can't spend fucking hours checking everything I just casually post on here. For fuck's sake!
+Jan Wildeboer I would be able to understand your ire if +Fabian Scherschel had claimed that he had created the image himself, or something similar. But he didn't.

I can see that you had already posted in his thread the original source, and I think that was appropriate.

But calling Fab out like this is a bit far, really. He didn't do anything wrong.
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