Where in the past sharing came at a price as the tools needed to reproduce books, music, movies were scarce and expensive, thus creating a whole industry and set of laws surrounding this pay-to-share model, we are now facing a digital world where sharing effectively is free of transaction costs, thus questioning the industry and its surroundling laws. That's the short form. Now start thinking about the consequences.

The "old" industry will fight hard to defend its privileges. The "new" way will be marginalised, criminalised and painted as a fundamental problem where in reality the fundaments o fthe "old" system simply stop to exist.

Whose side are you on? Yesterday we saw the energy of the occupy movement, this fundamental feeling that something is wrong, directing itself towards a protest against SOPA/PIPA whose momentum was unexpected - but a true indication of the shapes of things to come.

Policy makers will now have to decide who they fight for. Citizens or corporations. Freedom to share and tinker or criminalising their very own people. I know it will be a tough decision. But we should not hide nor feel discriminated. Let's have a fair, open and transparent discussion about the future (and th efundamental question if there is a future) for the current "intellectual property" system.

I had to get this out of my head. I am NOT a radical anti-ownership guy. I am NOT ant-patent nor anti-copyright. I do think however that the current system is getting closer to the beating a dead horse mantra and we need real change.

No flamewar, please. Share thi if you feel its worth it. Come up with good counter arguments and let's have a civilised discussion.
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