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Justin Rollins
Just a guy who enjoys tech
Just a guy who enjoys tech

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Ello: The self proclaimed Anti-Facebook

Pros: Completely ad free.
Cons: Still in beta and very, very glitchy, only accessible through an invite, features that either don't work, are coming soon, or will be payed for.

Overall, Ello is really a whole different animal in some ways and in others, just another social network. It can almost be compared to a cross between Tumblr, with it's blog like pages, and Twitter, with the ability to tag people.
If you're really worried about social networks tracking what you liked or really just hate Facebook, Ello might just be for you.

My Ello:

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After 5 and a half years, it may be time for a change

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Hey if your worried about deleting your Google framework data to get the ota update you should do it I've done it sense 4.2 and its fine so don't listen to those people who say its bad #yolo #itsfine #justdoit

I just updated to 4.3 but the new wallpapers are not there!!!! Please help!!!!!

Just contacted Google about the update for my n7 and of course "we have no specific time for updating your current device" :(

Who's excited about 4.3!!!!!

Love my new HTC first of course with stock jelly bean 

My Nexus 7 just rebooted out of now where should I be worried?

HTC one came out today it looks nice

Just got android 4.2.2!!!!! :)
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