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Using the Google Analytics API to Build a Conversion Rate Heatmap

This is a great tool and a fantastic use of data. The result, an easy to use, color coded table that shows conversion rate by day and hour.

Things in red have low a low conversion rate. Fix it!

Things in green have a high conversion rate. Do more of that!

As +Nick Mihailovski mentioned to be, using Google Analytics and Google docs is going to get a lot easier.

Work smarter, not harder :)
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Awesome. How do you avoid the too many concurrent request issue with the api in Google Docs? It would also be great to authenticate using oauth.
Does anyone have documentation or examples for the filter field in this (awesome) spreadsheet?  I've tried "ga:country==United%20Kingdom" and it's not having any effect.
I just wanted to follow up if anyone else has a question about filters  - Robert replied in a comment on his blog:

"@Danae, excellent question. Unfortunately, I’ve used the filter fields to extract the hour and day of week data.
If you like to do this you would need to setup 2 advanced segments and copy the 2nd table into another spreadsheet to work out conversion rates. i.e.
1. UK Traffic
2. UK Conversions/Sales/Mobiles/etc
You would apply one advanced segment, copy the second table (“Goals”) in the reporting tab and then apply the other advanced segment and copy the results in the 2nd table in the reporting tab. Once that’s done, you should be able to calculate the conversion rate between the two tables:
UK Conversions / UK Traffic"
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