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New Google Analytics Interface Map

There are A LOT of features in #GoogleAnalytics. And sometimes you can miss one in the interface. Like Weighted Sort or one of the cool data visualizations we have.

But our team has put together a handy Interface Map to help you learn about all the features and analysis tools available to you.

Just in time for the weekend :)
Account Controls 1. Account/Profile Selector 2. Administrative Settings Report Navigation 3. Report Finder 4. Directory of Reports 5. Report Title Data Inclusion Controls 6. Da
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That's a great resource! I am hanging it just above my bed... and maybe also above my kids' beds, this way they will start getting used to it :-)
Really nice interface overview, what about the Annotations shouldn't they also be on the map?

+Daniel Waisberg I had the exact same idea about printing the Interface Map and hanging around our office, so I made a A4 printable version of the map above feel free to download it from below.

Download GA Interface Map Here
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