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Google Analytics Q&A Blog Edition

Have you got a burning Google Analytics or Digital Analytics question? Post them HERE, in this G+ Post and I'll answer them in a blog post this week. Probably Friday, June 1.

Feel free to ask anything! #GetSomeFreeHelp
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You have no link +Justin Cutroni but you say "post them there"...

Do you mean post them here? On this post?
Nice one. I created a goal with funnel visualization and few days later. I realized is was a wrong goal. I created a new goal so how do I delete the old goal and it's visualization?
DOH! Thanks for the heads up +Chris Lang. Post your questions HERE, on this G+ post, and I will collect and answer them in a blog post on Friday.
Is it possible to get back city-state-country e-commerce data without the usage of API? Because we want to use these to track different type of buyers.
I'd love to use the multi-channel report in GA, but the 30-day cookie doesn't work for websites who offer a 30-day trial and want to track all of a customer's touch points through free trial and subscription. What suggestion do you have for recording campaign touch points outside of the 30-day window?
I have data coming from a number of different sources so i'm trying to tape together the best possible picture I can of a multi-touch point universe. I have a number for the total interactions via a campaign (including some content campaigns which an interaction is an impression) and I want to create an influencer metric using a combination of last touch point / total interactions and first touch point. I am working on a number of full attribution models, but in the meantime. Using the 3 numbers I have (first touch point conversion / Last touch point conversions / total interaction conversion) how would you come to a 'nice' metric that gave an indication of the 'importance' of a given campaign.

I have something in mind - but wanted to pick the brain of some bright things :)
Setting up many goals is supported, even encouraged. What would you say is a good practice to divide the less important goals (clicking on something, a certain time on site) from the core business ones? (sales, lead generation), so the data doesn't get polluted. Thanks in advance!!
Thanks for asking, +Justin Cutroni. This seems like an easy problem, but I feel totally lost trying to work my way through the documentation.

I am trying to see how many hits I'm getting against my pages. The catch is that many of my pages are passed a query part in the URL, and I am completely uninterested in this query value. The way things appear to be working is that for each different query parameter, the page is counted as a different page. So the following are all currently reported as different, but I want them reported as the same page:


Even more than the answer, however, I want to know where in the documentation I should have been able to figure this out.

Hi. I use Google Analytics, and for some reason I get different results when I access in my office and in my home. What explains this discrepancy?
Do you have a post with a list of the different dashboards that you can "plug and play" ?
How does cross-domain tracking work in Google Analytics? Specifically, after putting the correct additions (trackDomain) to the Google Analytics tracking code, what does cross-domain tracking look like in the GA reports? We have clients that want this working for their sub-domain and their top-level domain ( &

Hi Justin,

This might be a stupid question, but when setting up a custom dashboard, how do I create widgets which show a metric (i.e visitors for the last 30 days) with the previous months figure as a % up or down? I'm sure I've seen others doing this, but can't seem to figure it out!

If you are able to offer any advice, that would be much appreciated :)


Hey Justin,

When comparing 2 date ranges in the adwords reports, the calculation for 'change in ROI' is misleading/incorrect if the ROI value for either the first or second date range is Negative.
(for eg, week 1 has -10% ROI, week 2 has +30% ROI; in this case, the calculated '% difference' is -400%, however, I just turned a loss into a profit)
In this scenario, what alternative solution/calculation do you think is more apt? Also, does the GA team have any plans to use a more accurate calculation or even put a warning note against a scenario like this?

Q: Working with virtual page views and "calling the javascript function"
Hey Justin,

Why should I use GA for iOS/Android instead of Flurry? Ins't Flurry a Google product too?

Thanks in advance,
How would you go about investigating (or have any previous examples of) why a site appears to double count visits. Almost exactly 50% of visits have no landing page set and no pageview information and I am sure they are not real visits but something to do with how the site is set up.

What do you think is the best practice for adding a mobile web site to the collection of sites/apps we track in GA? Should a site have its own UA-code, be a new property under UA-code, or just be rolled into Right now we track mobile apps separately from the website, but adding an m. site is not as straightforward.
Sounds to me like a useful Hangout with a transcript later. Transcription not expensive and I've a good provider. The transcript would be essential.
We have developed a mobile website & implement tracking code for mobile website

Now we are checking referral sources & found that our mobile website is showing as self referral.

We have verified the same using Firebug & value of UTMR is showing that referral is our own mobile website.

Any help from the community is very helpful for us.
I came across an issue about real time data of Google Analytics.

I am browsing some mobile websites using iPhone, iPad, Blackberry phones & at the same time when i am checking their real time data in Google Analytics Location is showing as United States, where as i am browsing from India.
Hi Justin,

I'd really like to know why it seems that I still can't create a profile that only includes traffic and transactions from a particular sub-domain (www vs www2).

Transactions include those from all domains, and the hostname is always still (not set).

Using a profile that filters according to transaction affiliation half works, since it shows $ numbers for that affiliate (each sub-domain has its own affiliate), but it also shows 0$ transactions for the other sub-domain - and it only shows traffic for visitors who convert. Annoying.

Other question - might as well abuse of your offer :)
Ever since I showed people how to use campaign tracking, they have been using it to track clicks from banners on the homepage to other pages on the same site. Now I've always been convinced that the best use for this is tracking outside referrers (emails, banners, etc). Would there be a better way for them to track the clicks on these internal pages (this works reasonnably well because they are able to modify the URLs themselves in the CMS)?

Hi Justin and thanks so much for the initiative. I just want to know when will GA share more tutorials on goal analysis.
How can I see a full report of the most popular time of day (hours with the most visits) on my websites?
In the Multi-channel funnels 'Assisted Conversions' report, the email channel has 12 assisted conversions and 10 last interaction conversions. Based on Google's definition of an assisted conversion, this suggests that email was involved in 22 conversions.

When I view the 'Top Conversion Paths' report and search for any path that includes "email" there are only 13 conversions, 6 of which were the last interaction and 7 where email was an assist.

Small numbers I know, but why the difference?

Thanks to everyone that submitted questions. I'm working on the blog post now and will publish it on Friday.

Thanks again for the questions, I'm excited to answer them!
+Justin Cutroni I know you probably can't address this, but we need some type of new confidence that Google Analytics is finally going to include our G+ pages. Confidence in this is at an all time low.
Thanks for the comment +Chris Lang The blog post is going to focus on the Google Analytics questions above. But I hear you about Google+ metrics.

While we do have some G+ metrics in the Social Data Hub, I think it's important for brands to understand how people interact with their content on G+.
I have a question:

Our content management system allows us to tag individual pieces of content with multiple 'tags' that we use internally to identify content types. We want to be able to report back on those in GA - but by more than just a single term.

Example: Content A is tagged apples, oranges, grapes
Content B is tagged apples, oranges and bananas

In GA, we want to run reports like
- Show me all page views for content tagged apples
- Show me all page views for content tagged apples AND oranges
- Show me all pages tagged apples but not bananas

We've found that we can put the tags in the meta info - but can only report back on single terms and cant do and/or type queries. Anyone have ideas on how we could accomplish this?
Hi Justin,
I have some questions, if it's not too late.
1) before with the new version of GA, there was a "social actions" section where one could break down social media shares based on the URL string and the social media site. Now it seems like it's not doable anymore. For someone trying to gather the types of shares (ex on FB, twitter, google+ etc) from a subdomain and not the site as a whole, is there any way I can still do this? I was poking around trying to figure it out and only thing I can find CLOSE to this is traffic sources FROM certain social media sites, but nothing shares overall related.

2) Is there a way I can measure number of clicks from something created in Flash? In GA help, I found pages about how you can add code to make it so it counts as a pageview. Anything click related numbers (other than using UTM links or something since it's internal traffic)?
+Justin Cutroni thanks for this!

Question: I know that +Nick Mihailovski talked about using Advanced Segments instead of Goals in GA. Can't find the video! Doh! But overall, what do you think about that strategy?
I hope is not to late to ask a question :-s. I manage Google Analytics account for an online fundraising platform and I would like to know how to add on google analytics creation date of a page. I want to see how the fundraisers created in the last 2 months performed but only those created in the last 2 months not all the fundraisers. Thanks!
+Alexandru Andronic I am just a regular user like you, but I think what you want to use in Annotations. Allows you to make dates, for say events like these.
I want to make some sort of cohort analysis, to see if we are changing something how the changes affected the new fundraisers. Annotations is not a solution because we have a large number of fundraisers and we want to compare cohort depending on the time of creating of the fundraiser.
Google Adwords has MyClientCentre to manage all clients account in one place.. is there any such kind of tool available for Google Analytics to Manage all my clients account in one place.. Thank You.
+siva kumar Unfortunately no, there is no MCC equivalent in Google Analytics. The best thing to do is have your clients add your Google Account to their GA accounts.
+Justin Cutroni That what I thought you would say, so when you set yourself as an admin in your clients GA profiles you manage, the profile appears on your GA account? Right? Essentially returning the same thing as MCC. Right Justin? Same for Google Webmaster tools, correct?
Is there any work around to the 'not reported' feature in Google Analytics in terms s of inbound search keywords?  As you know, Google does not share data anymore if the user is signed in to their Google account, which has generated a tremendous loss of inbound SEO keyword data.  Any work around?
+Jason McDonald from my experience so far, this is more to protect the Google+ user, that may be coming from a plethora of Google services besides search. Watching to see what +Justin Cutroni has to say.
+Jason McDonald Try looking at the landing pages for the (not provided) keyword. Which pages are they? Have you been trying to optimize those pages? If so, for what keywords? This probably represents your investment in non-branded keywords. 

While it's not the best solution, it's what we have to work with.
The visit to my website is still incerease but the unique visitor is going  down. what question that i need to ask myself for find out what wrong  ?
Implementation Question - I have 2x domains lets call them and - each have a their own Google Analytics (GA) account.

The problem I am having though is that is as follows - we have a form on that is pulled in from dom2 via an i-frame. the code within the form fires off 2x custom variables to its dom2 GA account. The outer frame on dom1 fires off all the incoming traffic sources and more importantly the campaign data.

Now what I need to do is I need to have the dom2's GA account filled with the same campaign values - so that I can tie the campaign names to the 2x custom variables. Now I  do have some restrictions that forbid me to set the custom variables to dom1's GA account as even though this would be the simplest way.

So which of the following options should I go down.
1) Set up on the master frame - a second tracker that fires off the campaign data to dom2's GA account. Leaving dom1's GA code in place. Also leaving the code in the dom2s frame as is and hope that the custom variables get set as they are ?

2) Attempt when calling the i-frame page to pass all the campaign data in the URL string and hope that the GA code within dom2 recognises it and passes the campaign data?

I have tried using the GA help + forums to no avail and am really stumped on this one. 

Please help Justin 

+Justin Cutroni - your telling me :)   When I hear i-frames I scream then cry  ..."Why oh WHY!!!" anyway you can't always get the perfect set up from inherited code... will repost on the other site.
is there a way to show the most popular blog posts - based upon pageviews/visits, when using Google Analytics but NOT using blogger. Currently, my blog feeds directly into my website but I use Google analytics to view my stats.
I want to ask you something. I have a website which has a structure like this Organisation>Project>Fundraiser but all the links are like this,, Each project belongs to a organisation and each fundraiser to a project. Now I'm sending virtual pages from all of them to GA but I don't know how to communicate to Google Analytics the relationship between pages Organisation>Project>Fundraiser. I want to see the traffic numbers and navigate to different levels of the structure.
Got one! Starting to see a "Share Asset" in the Admin Profiles...

...and, when you click thorugh... you get a gleam of hope that you can transfer quite a bit between profiles!...

1. When did THAT come out?
2. Are there plans for that expanding in the future with other customization bits, like Filters, Shortcuts, Alerts, etc?

Thanks, Gregory, Think Around Corners
In Multi-channel Funnel Report->Assisted Conversions MCF Channel Grouping is showing assisted conversions value for each of the source.For Example:
MCF Channel Grouping               Assisted Conversions
Organic Search    -                             20
Direct                   -                               30
Referral                -                               50

But when I see the Total Assisted Conversion in this report, they seem to be less than the actual sum of these source numbers.Like in this case Total Assisted conversions=100 while my GA Assisted Conversions report is showing Total=60 conversions.
Justin Please help Why Is it so?
+Abiodun Thorpe Dear Abiodun, you cannot delete the goals in Google Analytics.You can only pause a goal by changing it's recording status to OFF.
Hi +Justin Cutroni , or anyone who can help me out. If i create a custom segment to filter a subdomain with quantity (ecommerce) of more than 1, which is residing another subdomain, does this works this way? i do get values but i cannot be sure that the transaction is really from the subdomain, as i have 2 sub domain,. using the same shopping cart. Eg, -> and ->

I wan to be able to knows my sales of each domain , if its possible with custom segment? 

Thanks :)
Hello everyone. I'm starting a website where I make my money from advertisers using PPC. I want to use Google analytics to track what I'm going to charge each advertiser each month. My question is since all the people that will be clicking on my advertisers links are hotel guest using the free hotels wifi service, will Google analytics be able to distinguish between each guest as unique visitor, or will it look as only one visitor came from that hotel.  Thanks
Can someone tell me where I can get the code for my Google Analytic?
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