Quick Tips for Analytics Annotations

Annotations are a great way to keep track of things (business decisions, campaigns, industry news, etc.) that might influence your business. They're flexible, easy to use and can save you a lot of time when figuring out why your data changed.

I like to categorize my annotations using a simple code at the beginning of the annotation:

POST: Indicates that I published a new post on my blog.

CONFIG: Some change was made to the analytics configuration.

ERR: There was a technical issue with the site (server down, etc.)

EVENT: Something happened offsite. It may be that I attended an event, published content on a different site or was mentioned by a well known person in social media. Basically anything that happened off-site but could have an impact on site performance.

A few other codes that I've used with clients and that you may want to use, depending on your business:

CAMP: To signify the launch of a new campaign.

NEWS: There was some type of industry news that could impact the business.

SALE: Identifies the start of a sale.
How do you use annotation?
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