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justin crawford
physicist, iOS/OSX programmer, QA engineer/dev for sensors on pre-release iOS and Mac products
physicist, iOS/OSX programmer, QA engineer/dev for sensors on pre-release iOS and Mac products

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figured it was time to do something with this profile. now it's my goal to find a way to use physics to work around law enforcement. two birds with one stone and all that jazz

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some dinos will never get along, even if they're cute as hell

does anyone know where to find a cheap microcontroller and maybe some servos? i'm looking to build a small robot for shits this year. built two before in college, but only had to scour the electronics room for the parts i needed. my first instinct is picking up an arduino board, but am thinking that'll be a lot more expensive that what i'll actually need (a basic, C-programmable board)

time to vent:
why in the world do assholes decide to rate my apps for no other purpose than to badmouth something they clearly never actually used? if there were actual details about something they didn't like or they found an annoying crash or something, that'd be fine. but some vague description about things that don't even exist in the app, or completely contradict the app's strongpoints (which other users praise)....i just don't get it.

it's gotten to the point where i've stopped caring as much when the trolls hit it. but shit, some people are just dicks. screwing with the hard work of a lone, indie dev, just for the sake of screwing with them....that's just wrong.

vent time over

sorry about that last post, people. i had no idea there was so much god stuff at the bottom of it. just thought it was mathematical sequences and patterns (thanks to +Martyn Haigh for pointing out there was more to it than just numbers) . not saying there's anything wrong with the god stuff. you can believe whatever you want to believe. i'm just never going to push it on anyone, ever. especially since i'm agnostic, but that's besides the point. apologies if i offended anyone. i'm going to be checking what i reshare a lot more closely now, that's for sure

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Romney Space Policy

Today, it was revealed that former NASA Administrator Mike Griffin is member of the Romney Space Policy Advisory Group.
This is the same NASA Administrator who was the chief architect of an unaffordable and unsustainable plan to return humans to the Moon that would have cost about $200 Billion.

We can only assume that Gov. Romney did not know who Mike Griffin is or what he did as NASA Administrator when he asked Griffin to serve in his group of space policy leaders.
At the time of its cancellation, the Augustine Committee, a national committee composed of military, civilian and commercial space leaders, concluded that Mike Griffin's strategy would only work if NASA received a $3 Billion per year budget increase to $22 Billion.
This would result in a total cost that was almost $200 Billion.

"Confronted with Mike Griffin's plan to return to the Moon, Mitt Romney would have fired Griffin and rightly so," said Will Watson, Executive Director of the Space Frontier Foundation.

have a happy new year, everyone. maybe this coming year i'll start using g+ more often. i know i'm terrible at posting anything so far.

on that note, if anyone has me in a circle and wants to stay updated on my ramblings, you're best bet is to find me on twitter under the name _slev. or if you want to keep tabs on the apps i've written, consider adding +empty projects to your circle. i use that as my company page and post notes about where my apps are headed, be it updates, new apps, etc.

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This is the new update for my app. Keep in mind that the user guide is set up for the update, so some features you see won't exist on the app until the update is released
A new update has been submitted for Maintain My Car. This release will add quite a number of new features and a better flow for the UI. Look for it in a week or less. Also, a user guide has been created to help understand how the application works. This can be found at the link below

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i'm getting so tired of Google touting that Android is "open". for anyone not willing to look into verifying their claim, it sounds great and makes for one hell of a marketing venture. but it's.....well, just not true. personally, i have no problems with Android or any OS for that matter. everyone has their own preferences, so if your device does what you need, that's ALL that matters. but i do have issues when a company, any company, drastically distorts facts
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