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Last week the FASTER cable, a new transpacific network link with a theoretical peak capacity of 60 Tbps (that's 60 million megabits), landed in Japan.  FASTER is a joint project between Google and several ISPs to provide, well, faster Internet speeds between the two regions.  The album (with pictures courtesy of give you a quick overview of how such a cable is installed.
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Julian Ibarz

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I looked up the numbers in a bit more detail (US: ; World: to get our current rankings. In billions of US$, the countries and US states with GDP's of over one trillion dollars are:

1. United States: $18,125
2. China: $11,212
3. Japan: $4,210
4. Germany: $3,413
5. United Kingdom: $2,853
6. France: $2,470
7. California: $2,312
8. India: $2,308
9. Brazil: $1,904
10. Italy: $1,843
11. Texas: $1,648
12. Canada: $1,615
13. Korea: $1,435
14. New York: $1,404
15. Australia: $1,252
16. Mexico: $1,232
17. Spain: $1,230
18. Russia: $1,176

(Of course, it's a bit of a cheat to add California, Texas, and New York into the US as well, but that's where they would be if they were counted as independent countries.)

Mostly, this just gives a rather insane sense of the scale of the economies involved. For comparison, even the biggest companies are much smaller -- Walmart, for example, had a gross income of $118B in 2014, and a net of $16B. (Gross income is probably the closest number to compare to GDP, but really it's hard to compare them at all; countries are people who are both producing and consuming goods and services, and they're really a fundamentally different kettle of fish than companies)

Another important set of numbers to compare is the purchasing price-adjusted GDP; that is, it's cheaper to buy goods in China than in the US, so the Chinese GDP priced in units of goods bought in China is even higher than the US' in units of goods bought in the US. That's an important number if you're thinking about GDP distribution among a population, and if that population mostly buys goods in local markets. (That includes imported goods, since those shift local purchasing prices just as much as locally-made ones; but it doesn't include if you're directly importing goods yourself) By that metric, California is only in 11th place (using the US-as-a-whole numbers for PPP; if we had separate ones for each state, it would probably be worse), and China is the world's leader. 

Here's that table, where now our "dollars" are "equivalent dollars," i.e. the number of dollars worth of stuff you'd be able to by in the US. (We use prices in the US as the arbitrary baseline for this number; state PPP's from

1. China: $18,976
2. United States: $18,125
3. India: $7,997
4. Japan: $4,843
5. Germany: $3,815
6. Russia: $3,458
7. Brazil: $3,259
8. Indonesia: $2,840
9. United Kingdom: $2,641
10. France: $2,634
11. Mexico: $2,224
12. California: $2,047
13. Italy: $2,157
14. Korea: $1,854
15. Texas: $1,708
16. Saudi Arabia: $1,668
17. Canada: $1,640
18. Spain: $1,619
19. Turkey: $1,569
20. Iran: $1,354
21. New York: $1,259
22. Australia: $1,137
23. Taiwan: $1,125
24. Nigeria: $1,109
25. Thailand: $1,031

This is a pretty interesting list, because you can see that a lot of the developing economies are actually doing very strongly here. This number ("PPP GDP") measures something different than ordinary GDP; ordinary GDP affects, for example, the net throw weight of countries economically, since they can start buying or selling from other countries and their GDP reflects how many resources they have for that, while PPP GDP affects the daily lives of individuals within those countries. (Ordinary GDP, of course, affects people's lives as well, just more indirectly through the effects of global economic power on a country's daily fortunes) 

The growth rates among some of these countries can be phenomenal: PPP GDP grew 7.4% last year in China, 7.2% in India. (The actual leaders in percentage growth are Ethiopia and Turkmenistan, both at 10.3%, but they weren't very big to start with) The biggest loser was Libya, at -24%, and Syria, which hasn't even been clearly measurable in years. But what these extremes mostly tell us is "being at war is bad for your GDP, especially if the war is busily blowing up your entire infrastructure," hardly the greatest economic insight of the century. In fact, quite a few of the biggest percentage gainers are countries which recently got rid of major things like civil wars (e.g. Sri Lanka) or dictatorships (e.g. Myanmar). 

Raw percentage gains tell you about countries where standards of living are changing rapidly -- although you should read that carefully as well, since that doesn't tell you if all of the money is going to a handful of people, or if the population is growing, or if "real" measures of people's wealth (such as median per-capita PPP GDP) are increasing.

The PPP table will also tell you about why people spend a lot of time thinking about the rising new economies: Brazil, India, China, Indonesia, Russia, and Mexico. Each of them is a very different situation, but several of them represent large populations who are for the first time, or will soon be, experiencing wealth that you could meaningfully compare to the developed world.

(I would try to give you per-capita numbers, but for that I'd probably be stuck dividing by population to give you a mean, and mean GDP is a spectacularly uninformative number because it's so vulnerable to outliers. A statistician is someone who can sit with his feet in the oven and his head in the freezer, and tell you that on average, she feels fine. What we would really want is the median per-capita PPP GDP, which tells you what the average person experiences in terms of amount of goods they can buy.)

But above all of this, there is one critical result in the first table at the top: California is #7, and #6 is only a short way away. France, we're coming for you. And we have some pretty damned good wine, as well.

via  +John Poteet 
California can claim the title as the seventh-largest world economy after recovering from a drop in output following the 2008 financial crisis.
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Julian Ibarz

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Our Google team, with  +Julian Ibarz and +Vincent Vanhoucke, has won the LSUN large scale scene-recognition challenge.

Stay tuned for our LSUN workshop presentation at CVPR (June 12) for additional details.
Introduction. PASCAL VOC and ImageNet ILSVRC challenges have enabled significant progress for object recognition in the past decade. We plan to borrow this mechanism to speed up the progress for scene understanding as well. Complementary to the object-centric ImageNet ILSVRC Challenge hosted at ...
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Julian Ibarz

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“Here let's zoom in so you can see your Kerbal floating above Kerbin,” my boyfriend suggests before hitting the “M” key on his keyboard. He's helping me learn how to play Kerbal Space Program (KSP), an indie PC game popular on Steam. I'm new at the game and wanted to see how far I could get, ...
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Julian Ibarz

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Yves Rossy is Ironman
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A very smart woman indeed.
25-year-old Taylor Swift is the most powerful businesswoman in America.
The 25-year-old has become the most powerful businesswoman in America.
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Julian Ibarz

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I had the privilege of using this network for a few years, it rocks and enables me to do amazing things! I am glad we are sharing more and more of this technology to anyone around the world with our GCE offerings.
Today at the Open Network Summit we showed how we've been running our datacenter networks for the past decade.  (For full details you'll have to wait for a paper we'll publish at SIGCOMM 2015 in August.)  

Great networking has long been a key ingredient in having a great cloud platform, and of course you get to use these same networks on +Google Cloud Platform. 
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Julian Ibarz

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Julian Ibarz

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New (epic) blog post on "The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Recurrent Neural Networks" was immense fun to write

(sorry to people who are seeing this multiple times)
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It's worthy of being seen multiple times!
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The Beriani entrée is delicious. The other ones based on aged yogurt are great too. I usually like the lamb better but I recommend choosing the chicken here.
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Really professional, the car is always cleaned thoroughly from the inside out. They provide on campus cleaning services which is really convenient since I can just drop the car when I arrive at work and can pick it up when I finish my work day. They even notify me with a text message when the car is ready.
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