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"Today’s jury verdict that Android does not infringe Oracle’s patents was a victory not just for Google but the entire Android ecosystem."

And so it begins in the Oracle v. Google trial's jury deliberations. Robert Van Nest is in the house for Google. The lawyers confer, and then tell the judge that neither side understands the quest...
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It took them long enough..

Hooray for frivolous lawsuits!

Kapow. I get the feeling Alsup is going deliver the megaton and rule that APIs can't be copyrighted.
Wow, that was thermonuclear fantastic news.
Android is crap its all about ios
Great news for Google, java users and the industry in general
John E
Fuck patents, fuck copyright.
It seems a fair judgement... now I would like to see Oracle and Google shaking hands, reaching an agreement, starting to spend less money on lawyers and more money on building something great together! When will they understand they are basically heading in the same direction and pushing each other you get there faster than trying to make each other trip?
Piero, it would be nice, except Larry Ellison is one of those guys who "does not play well with others."
A very interesting case to be sure. Especially considering the recent finalization of the Motorola merger, by china. Now in addition to having a long track record of beating back patent infringement claims, they will have a huge patent library of their own to access.
I'm not sure I feel quite the same as John E but.... This was a particularly revolting suit. Copyright on an API -- What the heck? And copyrights can be renewed endlessly.

IP for technoly is totally FUBAR.
+Neil Smithline You are right; IP for tech is a mess (a long with copyright for alot of things -- example, did you know the original Mickey Mouse vids are still under copyright? These are the steam boat willy ones which are ... umm ... like 50 years old ... what the heck as well).
The case also hopefully brought to light the importance of having attorneys (and indeed, plaintiffs, in some cases) who actually fully understand the issues being debated. It was certainly refreshing at least to learn that the judge did. Glad to see a win not only for Google and for the Android ecosystem, but for what really should be common sense.
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