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I'm so proud to share our new beautiful Google+ experience. We worked hard to simplify and beautify the entire product and I truly hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Towards a simpler more beautiful Google:

You should see it sometime today as we roll it out to you all.
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Cant wait for it to go live! I love the new profile page - looks awesome! Congrats guys!
It looks good in the video, how do I update to it? Will it also work for the page I set up through my apps for business account?
Great! Do we really get this design in the next days? I am asking because i nearly finished a german ebook about google+ and it seems that i have to change a little bit ;-)
I love the new look... and also that nobody broke out pitchforks for a UI change!
very cool ... can't wait for it to roll out !
It looks a bit odd, but that's just cause I'm used to the current version. I'm sure I'll love it once I get it!
Is that why Chrome has been crashing incesantly for the past few weeks?
Looks really great, but it's not the UI that we were asking be fixed.
Congratulations JT. You're up early :)
Google: Just remember: DON'T CLUTTER THE WHITESPACE! White space is tempting to fill in, but it's an oasis compared to that demilitarized zone that is facebook.
Very nice if you plz add one more option in which if anyone share an album in its circle then everyone in its circle can add their photos and videos to that album too but only with album owners permission.
Also if u can introduce a concept of drawing and sharing stuff through google plus.... That will b a break through...
Its working for me. I still would like to see a scroll bar or something when over 100 comments are being displayed at once. Huge walls of comments need to be managed better.
And please please get rid of "load more" buttons EVERYWHERE on Google pages and replace them with page numbers. It's horrid to navigate when you have no idea where you are.
Pete R.
Roll out to me NOW! :)
Not bad, not bad at all. I like how it's not trying to overload me with information.
The very least you could do is give us a button to get into the game with. Darn I hate it when people make such drastic changes!
good job!.. now Google+ is much much better than facebook
Just give me a flippin' button to get into my game before all my animals starve to death! I want it NOW!
Nay Min
it is beautiful design, look and feel
Interface looks great! Nice job design team!
I like most of the changes, just not the stream being shoved to the left. I have acres of white space sitting on the right. And that is on a small monitor. How bad is it going to look when I get home and use my 55" flat screen? It just looks horribly out of balance.
+Kenneth Knox I'm having the exact opposite issue. My home stream is scrunched on my small monitor at work (yeah I know). I expect it to look better on my 19'' widescreen when I get home.
I have the changes and there seems to be a "Downward" scrolling issue.... It scrolls upwards ok using the gesture but lags alot when scrolling down. Bit of a ballache having to hold the left mouse button down too, but that's just me. I hope it's just this old PC that is the problem.....Apart from that, it's all good :D
Beautiful, looking forward to have it on my browser
I'm using the "new" design right now and I have to say: It's absolutely beautiful!
I like it, very nice.
this is a copycat of facebook, what do you offer that facebook doesn't??
someone needs to figure out how to force the new design for those who haven't gotten it yet.
The white space is for the chat window. I like the new design a lot. :)
It only looks great in a square browser window. With my browser covering most of my widescreen monitor, stream content is shoved over to the left! Totally useless unless I enjoy bending my neck that way while I'm catching up.
Why do you describe joining the social network as "upgrading to Google+"? It's a not very subtle dig at your main competitor, isn't it?
Why do you ask the question when you already know the answer? :P

Also, they might mean that you are upgrading your Google account by adding G+ to it.
Initially I was hesitant but I am really liking this new layout. Good job!
damn! This is beautifully done! Have to pinch myself to believe what I am seeing right now ^ ^
I just wish the Play Store linked with Google+ so when I write a review for an Android app, Listen to Play Music, Read a Play Book, or Watch a movie it would have a mini stream of "What I am doing now"
i keep pressing 'ctrl F5' in the hope that it will be the new layout each time... it never is.. why google? WHY!?
New Google+ is nice, just wish there was a way to write on people's 'walls' etc....
Why does this new format waste half my screen?
Sure, great, thanks, but why pitch new features with a musical soundtrack that's so trite?

I thought I was hearing another Apple ad--no, wait--Amazon. They all sound identical: strumming + chimes + bleaty voice.

Cultivate something new and give a brave musician a chance.
How can I remove the chat window on the side, and hopefully replace it with something like tasks?
Honestly, new G+ looks great. But, at work and at home, I leave my Gmail page 'open'. It's more convenient for staying up with e-mail and chat.

If receiving a new email could be apart of the notification system, I'd definitely make this my new preferred Google page.

Off subject, what do you all think of being able to put Documents, Calendar and other Google services in the left navigation?

From a UX perspective, I'd prefer to have one page that I could access all the Google services I use. Just a thought thou.
Please, remove the black background for the images. There is no way to make image post to breath and integrate into the flow. I don´t like that. Before you can see all the shared album images while scroling the flow, but now you have to stop, point to it and wait for the up animation. And even doing this you never, but entering the album itself, can see the main image without some overlay. Plain ugly and slow, sorry.
piss off sad people with no lives no one likes ou NOOOOOOOB!!!
Saludos a todos desde la ciudad de puebla mexico...
It's a far more elegant layout, I really like it! Functionality is through the roof, too; it's never been easier to start a hangout with your friends instantly from any page. Great job Google team!
It looks great but I would really like for the action buttons in the "Photos" section to float with my while scrolling through the photos. This way when I select photos and want to share them, delete them, or otherwise, I won't have to scroll all the way up to the top in order to do so.

its fab i love it better then any other program
I liked this looks and navigation is easy. but what I really want is to browse G+ from my symbian S60 mobile. It does not work good on that system. hope One day I can use it in better way thru my S60 mobile.
So great to see that the improvements are actually real improvements, not just a reorganization of the same thing. I look forward to this change
Would really love to move the chat back like it was, and not in the way like FB, also would love to be able to widen the stream so most of my screen isn't blank white.
If you have invented this, then I would like to meet you!!!!
But that is impossible!!!!
I agree with +elizabeth hahn about the white on the screen. For me the chat is fine, but there is a lot of unused space it seems between the stream and chat with a maximized window.

Perhaps it's used for something I've not yet noticed. Apart from that, lovely!
I do really love the larger photos though.
+elizabeth hahn Yeh agree that the stream should be wider, but i quite like how the chat is.

I think this is a very good facelift by google +1 to you :).
+Jonathan Terleski i am just wondering.. why not center content on the page. Why did you make everything to the left and stretch all the way to the right. I use my browsers full screen. It's a really poor design choice. I would really like an answer here if you have the time.
I just noticed that you can resize the chat window, that is something you can't in +Gmail chat.
You've done an amazing job. Well done.
Who do we talk to about the API not being finished?

If you want to see growth, professionals need to be able to use your site.

Also, I don't think things have been made more simple with the UI changes, it seems more complicated.
It's great. :) But there's too much empty space on the right on 1920x1080 screens. You should tweak that.
Feels like the new design is constricting the content to a narrow vertical part of the screen. Thus wasting a lot of my screen space.

Really not keen at all. Sorry.
The new interface is easy on the eyes. good job!

If you are open to feedback, my main issues are:

The separate column for trending and you might like eats up a decent amount of real-estate, and doesn't really add a lot of value from my perspective. I personally would prefer feed summary style information in a small box at the top of the feed, particularly since everything in that column scrolls with the feed.

Chat windows pop up as far right as possible, but that forces me to cross a lot of screen real-estate to switch from reading the feed to chatting and back. I would definitely prefer if the chat windows opened at most ~15-30 pixels to the right of the feed. I would also prefer the chat windows to start at the top of the feed box and arranged themselves vertically. Perhaps unifying the chat user list and the chat window into some kind of accordion style interface would work? Just a thought.

The left column where the user avatar is placed takes up a lot of space. I appreciate that the design lets you scan for posts from a specific user easily, however I'm not sold on the value of that relative to the real estate cost. I personally would prefer if a header area were created and the avatar and +1/reply/hangout bar (which also takes up a lot of space) were pulled into it. That would let you extend the content of the post to the left to fill the space under the avatar, which isn't a big deal for text but would be a big improvement for pictures and videos.

It would also be very cool to be able to have tiles (sort of like windows metro UI) or create multiple columns. I like wide gutters in blogs and articles, but I view google+ more as a dashboard than a blog, and I would like to be able to look at a lot of stuff at once. I definitely prefer chronological feeds to be single column, but having multiple columns to distinguish different feeds/topic posts/etc might work nicely. Pinterest is a bit too cluttered for my tastes, but there are definitely lessons to be learned there.

Finally, I dislike the custom scrollbar, it is less usable than the operating system scrollbar, and given that it is in the normal place, doesn't really do anything for me from an aesthetic standpoint. The custom scrollbar would be good for interior panels with overflow, since it is unobtrusive.

I know that you guys have probably had to make a lot of tough trade-offs with the new design. Perhaps you could emulate the gmail approach and provide normal, minimal, compact, etc layouts.
There's a really annoying bug: if I click on a picture in my feed, all previously watched youtube videos in that feed start playing again. If i close the picture - the same videos stop and start playing again.
'Trending' creates a column of dead space after scrolling a bit. Move it to a heading or a widget next to the search button. Otherwise great job! :-)
+Marcin Ciszewicz oooo no. plz no. i hated iGoogle. it made my eyes bleed. no offense Google. This new UI for G+ is great. Would just prefer for more integration with other services.
Its really beautiful!! but the only thing i dislike about it is that too much space is wasted. I would love if there was a compact mode just like in GMAIL.
This looks much better than the older version! Feels a lot more natural. However, chat interface is still kind of confusing to use because people that aren't online still show up on the chat and the only indicator for status is the small circle; only showing online folks would make it look a ton cleaner :D
It does requires some adjustment. Scrollbar on the right is disconnected from the scrolling content on the left. (which should be centered and wrapping properly) On widescreen there is a lot of wasted white space.

It is very positive all to gather. Just fix those small annoyances.
Can you take up less of the browser screen? It's awful!! Once you put the tools all over the screen, you have little real estate left for what you're viewing. Give us a way to remove the extraneous junk.
Why? It was great as it was. Now there is that white gap - for doodling? note-taking?
Very clean and nice, but, the vast amount of whitespace on my screen makes it feel sparse and empty, especially when I browse full screen.
Um, now I have to click 'more' to see the buttons that used to be easy to get to. I used to be able to see stuff on my browser window, cleverly arranged, and now it's all smashed on to one side. What's next? Some ads? Suggestions of ads that my 'friends' have liked? I have loved everything about Google+ until now... Today I will be on Facebook. When/If I return, I expect this shit to be fixed!!!
Good but what does Google want to prove here?a changed ui might.not change the fortunes of g plus..good work though:-)
The new layout is REALLY ugly, and doesn't resemble any other google product. It looks like a program from Windows 98. How do I turn it off?

- I really hate the trend in google layouts toward everything being very very dim gray, dim gray lines separating fields of white from fields of light gray containing light gray buttons. I guess this does look kind of like the nasty gmail redesign in that regard. I feel like I am having to squint and strain to see anything, or like I'm going to damage my eyes eventually by using Google.
- Whose idea was it to make a full 40% of the screen blank space? I guess there was a good bit of whitespace in the old layout but it wasn't so jarring somehow because without the css position:fixed box the rest of the layout didn't seem so cramped. Are you designing now for people with 640x480 screens?
- The huge gaping blank space contains a little gray rectangle labeled "chat" which hovers at the bottom of the screen, forever and can't be dismissed. Am I really going to be looking forever at an entire pane reserved for a blank gray button saying "chat" even though I do not use chat on this website ever (I connect to gtalk through an external client)?

Google seems to keep flirting with position:fixed hovers and I don't think the way you use them makes sense. You go disturbingly out of your way to make part of the screen uncluttered and simple, but then also go out of your way to make sure that some parts of the clutter follow me around and I am staring at them at all times. I keep getting distracted, going, this thing on the left, it must be very important, what is it, oh, google thinks I want to be able to go to my photos at any time without having to hit "page up" for some reason. If you're not going to let us choose our own layout, at least consider letting us collapse the left side bar (I will keep it collapsed at all times because nothing that seems very useful is on it, why would I need a floating bar that takes me to my profile?).
CS Chua
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However I found the new layout is way too uncomfortable to the eyes on a large monitor (1920x11200). The content is left heavy with a empty center "white hole".
It's like watching a 3D movie and getting a headache. I hope Google rectify this fast. I am not kidding, my eyes are overwork to the left.
And why did Google move the 1+ button to the top of comments?
I like to read a comment before I decide to 1+ it,
Now I have to scroll back up to the top of a comment just to click 1+ How stupid is this?
Great, effort. I like the icons and the moving of the functions to the horizontal plane... vertical is always on a premium, even more so on 16:9 displays. But why is there's so much space to the right now? Couldn't you guys used it better? It's especially apparent on high resolution displays.
When will designers take the time to study what apple has done with their UI? If you look at a screenshot of Mac OS 1.0 (System Software) and the newest iteration, Mac OS Lion X, you will see a lot of consistentcy. How can you just revamp everything all at once without adding any new real funtionality? If anything, you just look more like the old FB. Maybe you should have looked at the newest trend with Pinterest. People want to see More shared content on their screens, not a huge column of white. People hate the new "timeline" on FB, so you could've capitalized on this. Right now, people are trying to migrate to google+, but very few people from their social circle are available, so they are relying on the content of strangers, and you just stepped on this, hence the backlash you see.
It's good.
Contrary to other I love white space. Lines of text are just fit for comfortable reading. The only problem is that it looks little unbalanced, left side is overloaded, when you scroll down. Especially on wide screens and if you don't use chat/hangout (which would be nice to be able to switch off).
I can imagine using this area for customizable space. Some things you could use it for:
- notifications
- quick google search
- video viewer/youtube player
- mini browser to get gist of linked page content
- post that you are replaying to

Anyway, I am impressed by this work.
ter nea
It is really really should all be ashamed and then fired.
You should of left it the way it was. You worked hard to make it look worse. Great job
You have done a great job. I love the new interface.
I'm liking the new look! It is cleaner and easier to navigate because everything in in well defined sections.
its great, really great.....navigation between different pages has been made easier and faster. Thank you.
I agree, someone should get fired. It really is a step back in terms of design.

Google just can't seem to grasp humanistic design functionality, which is a shame considering their superior ability to program.
Love it! So Simple! Can't Wait to have Project Glass also!
I'm sorry. I just don't like the new format on Google+.
So far so good, just don't start pulling facebook crap rolling out stuff people dont want, and not giving them an option to change it.
Completely disagree with practically all of you. This design is extremely intuitive. I'm sorry you're not capable of grasping that. Outside of allowing the center content to flow according to resolution... this layout has a great user experience.
- In big monitors ( like mine ) there is a lot of wasted space to the right, and some secondary interface elements that are place there are getting all the visual atention. The new left stream placement is not optimal from a visual point of view. Right elements feel always more important.

- The configuration wheel is only accesible from the home tab. This could be not a problem if the new "send comment" placement was not there. Try to send a comment about your profile tab or after scrolling the stream. You can´t.

- The new way albums and photos are shared. The forced black background ( actually I have realized that is not even black... ¬¬ ) don´t let images breath and there is no possible to blend images in the stream with a white background. Images now are always placed in its very limited black space : /
Also the new albums visualization in the stream, while nice, are not practical. Before you could see all albums images while scroling, now you have to stop, point, wait for the animation and even scroll again sometimes. And never, but going inside the album itself, you can see the main image without overlay.

- Now we have a lot of borders, margings and so, everywere in the stream eating a lot of space. Before I could see about 3 to 4 post in the stream, now I can only see 1 and half, forcing me to scroll a lot more to see the same information, killing the sense of flow.

- There are other minor things I don´t like, but these are the more important I have see at the moment.
Soooo... why are we wasting 50% of the horizontal screenspace again? Other than that, top notch design actually!
My Google+ still looks the same. I'm assuming this is a concept only or has not been released everywhere yet.
I'm using Google+ more as a result of the change so thank you!
An update: So I made my earlier complaining post on my computer at home, running Chrome. I then get to work and check google+ in Safari. It looks... completely different?! Either the redesign hadn't totally loaded somehow when I made my previous post or this just looks different in different browsers. I'm going to go ahead and say that this version of google+, as opposed to the one I saw earlier, is much less ugly-- in fact it isn't ugly at all, the design looks considered and well laid out-- but MUCH, MUCH WORSE. It is now not just interface elements but are gray; in comments, google is now expecting me to read GRAY TEXT ON A GRAY BACKGROUND. I am shocked you're not getting an Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuit over this or something, how could someone with eyesight problems read this? On top of this, the little bitty floating "chat" box is now a huge floating chat BAR-- remember, I don't chat on this website, I use an external program for gtalk-- and since this bar follows me around the page when I scroll I will never, ever, ever be able to dismiss it or scroll away from it, even though I will never activate it and never "sign into chat".

In safari I have a huge block of buttons I don't need on the left, a huge search box filled mostly with empty gray space I don't need on top, and a huge chat widget I will never use on the right, all of these follow me around the page when I scroll and they are imposing on my screen space at all times.

Meanwhile, although this is a very high powered machine, in Safari scrolling is now very, very slow and jerky-- it's like frames are being dropped when I scroll, and there are slight delays when I begin a scroll. I'm guessing this is something to do with your weird javascript anti-scrollbar, like it's overloading Safari's abilities or something. Oh, and about that non-native scrollbar. Aside from being a horrible idea in the first place (seriously, I have never heard of a website trying to REPLACE the system scrollbar), you realize it interacts badly with Mac OS X Lion? Did you test on Lion at all? Aside from Lion having its own specific scrollbar appearance quirks you override, the OS inertial scrolling does not appear to work properly when looking at G+ and everything scrolls at a different rate in G+ as compared to other webpages.

If this is the experience we're going to have with G+ going forward, I'm leaving and not coming back-- for the moment I'm certainly not coming back until it's gone. I was already trying to decide whether to keep using G+ because so many of the people I want to talk to have left over the "real names policy", so if you then force me into an unusable layout this gives me a pretty good excuse for just giving up. Seriously, you're expecting me to use a website where EVERYTHING INCLUDING THE TEXT IS LIGHT GRAY and SCROLLBARS DON'T WORK RIGHT. Like this is beyond just a bad graphic layout-- you have invented completely new ways to fail at making a website. I can't think of a professionally developed website where "problems with scrollbars" was a problem I actually had.
Looks and feels better, thanks! After first impression is over a bit ... to be honest, I expected more. GMail still stands alone, especially on that level I hope one day integration of mail, chat and circles will be there in one concept.
My view of G+
1. No Ads.. It is quite relieving to not see something you don't want to see.
2. buttons and color combinations
3. the possibility to integrate with maps/latitude, picasa, youtube, translation, games, google books library, docs, calender etc.
1. Loading time: I hated this in orkut as well. When connection is weak, G+ doesn't perform well (a) Sometimes this thing just doesn't load.. would say some CSS didn't load. (b)Some times the page would load but the ajax doesn't work. When u click 'show comments' nothing comes up but an orange border.(i liked the recent change where it is highlighted in blue if the script has loaded) You have to refresh the page again to see. For facebook, the moment you press enter, the blue ribbon comes and then "post by post" it loads, if one post is loaded you can do everything about it and won't have to refresh. It always shows some thing. (just like FF always show something but you need refresh chrome many times)
2. Have to roam around to find stuff. Circles are really good to follow people. But still pages and groups are needed.
3. No birthday alerts, events.. also this much privacy is not needed.. everyone likes to know what their friends are doing.
4. The reason why I switched to chrome is it had thinnest top ribbon. But G+ have two layers of ribbons which reduces the content space
1. Make the stream into two columns. Show hot on G+ on right side. Yeah posts that come up in this are really cool. better if some localisation filters are there (showing hot posts in languages i know)
2. Provide some way to share my (music) playlists, my ratings for movies, the book I'm reading etc
Actually, here's an idea. Is there some way to use the mobile site on a desktop computer? The mobile site (as well as the app) is still readable and usable (for now).
Wait... can I STILL not perform a Search on my Google+ feed? C'mon this is basic stuff. Also, way too much screen real-estate is being given to the "hangout" feature.
Please center the posts in the screen, so they are not mashed up against the left.
Appreciate the hard work you and the team have put in... Maybe it will take time to get used to it... would really love the "whats hot" feature in a tab instead of the trend feature which we can always get from twitter.
It be really good if there was some more color... It's really the one thing besides music that I always loved about Myspace more than Facebook that and music but Google+ has that covered with the Youtube intergration
Great Stuff! I don't think the people who are complaining about "#whitespace" have tried to have multiple chats going, etc all in the same window.. It makes great use of that space! As does the picture viewer, etc. Great job!!
#whitespace takes huge quantities of thought and effort.
Some parts look great and there are few which needs improvement. But overall we could appritiate this more id we come to know what were the problems with the old UI had, that you are trying to solve with this new UI?
The sweet open 'white space'... love it. love it. love it.
Is there gonna be an updated G+ android app to go along with this?
Jonathan failed. Lousy design, hidden What's Hot, J&K keys don't work. a window (elsewhere.)
+Eric Hendrickson --j/k works, if it doesn't, its a bug. Try again and let me know, but it works here. What's Hot is now featured even more prominently as part of Explore on the left.

Its unfortunate you don't like the design. Give it a few days, that's all I'd ask.
+Eric Hendrickson --j/k works, if it doesn't, its a bug. Try again and let me know, but it works here. What's Hot is now featured even more prominently as part of Explore on the left.

Its unfortunate you don't like the design. Give it a few days, that's all I'd ask.
Ro Ver
design is fine, new layout is irrelevant, continually getting an error message to say that Google plus is unresponsive has caused me to abandon use of Google Chrome and very shortly I will follow by returning my social life to Mr Zukerbergs network. IT WASN'T BROKE, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO FIX IT?
+Jonathan Terleski If I'm not mistaken the previous design labeled the "Stream" on the "Home" page in some way. I can't find any previous screenshots, at the moment to see how it was before.

But, many of us have been accustomed to referring to the posts on our "Home" page as a "Stream." The term is a part of our everyday conversations. However, the new "Home" page makes no mention of a "Stream." From a support standpoint, I think that this is going to be confusing for users who hear others talking about their "Stream."

Is Google retiring the term "Stream" in association with the posts on the "Home" page?
I see a new looking of Google+ .......It is totally osssom from the previous looking of G+........ +Jonathan Terleski u r rock totally and your whole team also........Keept It Up................;)
I love everything about this new User Interface!

...except the whitespace. What's up with that?
omg..FB has changed so mantime since G+ come about, evertime I go for a visit something is different
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