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Love this comic that illustrates perfectly how annoying it often still is to try and legally acquire tv/movies/music and (by contrast) how quick and easy it often is to pirate the same content. I can't believe it's been >10 years since Napster "showed us the way" and we still don't have a legal system with the ease and ubiquity of the alternative. Sigh. /via +MG Siegler
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except of course HBO content is much harder to purchase legally than nearly any other. Not really a typical example.
That couldn't explain it better... now... add to that mix the "Not available in your country" excuse. We've been forced!
+Paul Brocklehurst the fact that every content producer comes up with their own unique rules for when and how their content may be distributed is precisely the problem. There's no reason we couldn't enact a compulsory license scheme for tv/movie content (where content creators are entitled to a royalty but not able to discriminate which platforms their content is sold on) like we already do elsewhere in media law. That way, platforms could compete on cool UX for discovering, buying, and consuming the content, instead of spending all their time cutting a zillion separate deals with each content owner (and often failing to do so, as the comic illustrates), which is status quo today. reason, of course, except the fact that congress is totally captured by big money, including Hollywood, that is (as +Lawrence Lessig explains brilliantly and persuasively in his latest book, Republic Lost).
A compulsory license for streaming is precisely the solution that I think makes the most sense.

Are there any lobby groups attempting to get it passed? Because I think it is time it moved beyond the whole a-few-people-think-it-is-a-good-idea stage.
@Michael Kazin

"Sorry this video is not available from your location".

Oh the irony.
FAT EDIT----- I just double checked that... WOW... I completely missed the point of the Amazon screen. Doh. It does seem that in this day and age media should be more readily available.. If I'm not mistaken, in the UK aren't individual episodes of some shows almost immediately available online?
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