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Yay, this makes +foursquare much more useful! I mainly check-in these days as a personal record of where I've been (e.g. "when did I last get a haircut?"), but until now it's actually been hard to "mine" your own history of check-ins. The new page is still a bit clunky, but it's WAY more useful than anything they've had before. Keep going, guys!
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I was just thinking that I needed an app to track haircuts, car maintenance, etc... Never thought to use +foursquare in that way. Thanks for the great tip!
Not sure what the big deal is about this from Foursquare if you use it for a personal record. That's exactly what I use Google Latitude for and that feature has been there on Latitude for at least a year (as well cross posted on your G+ profile). I also use Latitude to record all my trips and figure out where I've been, and that's been there since the 2 years I've been using Latitude.
I'd been doing this for years with #4sq by exporting to Google Calendar through an app or extension (though I think it may have stopped working for a while) - this may be new to #4sq internally, a bit like when Twitter decided to support hashtags and RT's even though many apps had been using these user-led practices for some time :)
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