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Yay, this makes +foursquare much more useful! I mainly check-in these days as a personal record of where I've been (e.g. "when did I last get a haircut?"), but until now it's actually been hard to "mine" your own history of check-ins. The new page is still a bit clunky, but it's WAY more useful than anything they've had before. Keep going, guys!
Want to remember all the places you went to on last summer's trip to Mexico? Or relive all the adventures you've had with your best friend? With our all-new, fully-searchable history page, you...
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I was just thinking that I needed an app to track haircuts, car maintenance, etc... Never thought to use +foursquare in that way. Thanks for the great tip!
Not sure what the big deal is about this from Foursquare if you use it for a personal record. That's exactly what I use Google Latitude for and that feature has been there on Latitude for at least a year (as well cross posted on your G+ profile). I also use Latitude to record all my trips and figure out where I've been, and that's been there since the 2 years I've been using Latitude.
I'd been doing this for years with #4sq by exporting to Google Calendar through an app or extension (though I think it may have stopped working for a while) - this may be new to #4sq internally, a bit like when Twitter decided to support hashtags and RT's even though many apps had been using these user-led practices for some time :)
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