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I built this last week (long overdue!), glad people like it. :)
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G+ Notifications now in Title Bar

Is this new? I think it's new. I started noticing it yesterday. Now the notifications for g+ also appear in the title bar of your browser. This gives us two benefits:

1. We won't need to switch to the g+ tab everytime to see if there are any new notifications.

2. Notice that the notification is to the left of the title. This implies that if we have too many tabs open we will still see the notification number. If it was to the right we wouldn't be able to see it because the tab would be too small to display the whole title.

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Congrats. You built one of my favorite features!
wasn't there another form of this not too long ago?
I like it there than in the red box in the upper right. As a recent inbox zero twelve achiever, I would also like to be able to see how many unread emails I have too.
The nature of anything Google is that once a feature comes out, everyone immediately thinks of how it can be better. So first, thank you (and the entire Chrome/G+/Android/Docs/etc team) for all your efforts.

Now for my way to make it better, is it possible to get that same functionality with G+ as a pinned tab??
There's always been the unread notification count in the red box at the top-right of the screen, but now I just echo the count into the title bar so you can tell even if you have other tabs open.
this is pretty cool, but i keep g+ (and fbook) in pinned tabs always.
chrome does a good job of /highlighting/ the tabs when there is something new to see though.
I bet Facebook will implement this feature in a couple of days too =)
But when Facebook does it, it'll only have work and you'll have to change your privacy settings again.
What if tab is pinned. That floating highlight would be nice.
Update: it works. Great!
I think FB already does this (but it's on the right side of the title, which often gets cut off if you have several tabs open).
Yeah gmail has this cute lab you can enable that shows your unread count in the favicon, so it works even when you have a pinned tab. That was beyond my JS-foo for a one-day hack though. :)
Glad to hear so many of you keep your G+ tab pinned--sounds like that means you use G+ a lot! :) Of course there may be some "sample bias" since you guys are commenting within seconds of this post, heh!
Add me to the 'pinned' crowd - thx!
i noticed it last night already! I've been wondering why we don't have it there. nice job! :)
+Eric Peterson When you pin your G+ tab, with this addition, you'll get a notification. In Firefox and Chrome, when you have a pinned tab, and the title of that page changes, the pinned tab will light up.
You can also hover over the pinned tab and see the unread count in the tooltip. Not quite as "at a glance" as when you have the tab un-pinned, but still quicker than changing tabs and looking for the red notification box.
Another cool feature for those of us who go heavy on tabs, thanks, +Joseph Smarr ! Good day's work!
Pro: This makes it way easier to keep track of incoming notifications.

Con: This makes it way easier to keep track of incoming notifications.

So long, productivity. ;-)

Seriously, though, another great addition. Thanks, +Joseph Smarr!
I wish there was something for pinned tabs as well. I still have to use an extension to see when things happen.
In Firefox a Pinned tab who change its title also triggers the blueish glow on this tab, very handy!
So, if I leave a comment here it won't be long before I can see how it works.
This has been around for ages? :S
Kudos for pre-pending it to the beginning of the title instead of the end. I'm a tabaholic, but the number always shows even if half the title text gets truncated.
Heh. I will probably never see it. My tabs are almost always too small to see anything but the favicon.
I agree with +Darren Bounds. It does not appear to be a good example to point out that "I did it", when there is an awesome team that is slogging it out to make this product a success.
Cool! I saw the "(2)" and wondered what it meant...
Good, but I have always G+ pinned. BTW facebook has copied this in less than 24h :)
Great UI design. Love that you one-offfed the "norm" on something so simple, and yet made it so much more functional. How soon will it take Facebook to copy you? ;)
Joseph, the Notifications are useless to me because all sorts of random stuff comes in from the now 31,000 people who have me in some circle. It feels like spam and I ignore it accordingly. Fix, please?
it's true. facebook just took this feature.
Thank you! I didn't expect this feature, but it's very much welcomed! :D Also something to note, if you're on FF and this appears in an app tab (like I have G+ at work) then the tab now lights up. :D

Thanks Joseph!
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