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I’m super excited to share the launch of Google+ Stories with you today! I hope it’ll make it easier and more fun to share your life’s adventures. :) Read all about it on the Official Google Blog:

Here’s one of my own stories from last year. It has sentimental value to me not only because it was a fun weekend getaway with my wife, but also because it was one of the first stories our team used to develop the stories algorithms and layout. I love how it captures those memories.

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Congrats on this amazing launch!!!
Really cool stuff!! Please let us export this to a format that works for tablets so we can use it to tell stories even if not connected!
Beautiful. Makes me want to take the Mrs. on a getaway.
Wonderful, romantic and very cool photos....well done.
is this live?  I can't find a button to create my own?
I am investigating the same thing right now.
+Joseph Smarr  I just have one suggestion 

when in the view all photos section make it obvious that a image has been shared cause I've accidentally deleted photos I thought were duplicates when infact I've shared them in  4 different places
It's cool, but not paging correctly on my Nexus 7, and send feedback sends me to a morass of links!
Zuckbook copying in 3..2..1.. ;)
+Joseph Smarr - loved the story!  A leisurely trip to Sonoma with my man is on my bucked list, so I appreciated the share. 
Loved it! How cool. It looked like a fantastic weekend. 
beautiful story, looking forward to more improvements in the design and algorithms.
Thanks for opening your private book. It's really more than great, greets from Hamburg, Germany...
Great stuff. love it :) thanks for sharing this
its really won me over.. 
hope +Google+ becomes a success sooner than later.
Hi, +Joseph Smarr. Do you think it would be possible to get collaborative stories in the future, so that not only your photos but also the ones your wife took are part of it? Thanks!
That's a relief to hear! Also, thanks for such an awesome work.
I don't know how often we looked at this story in our team meetings :)
This is so cool! Looks like you had an amazing trip! Thanks for sharing!
Looks great.  I was lost for a few seconds after the cover page without realizing the arrow appeared after hovering over it.  Just something to consider.
I like the pics and nice coffee cup looks so delicious and the wine I Can imagine myself drowning in So much Wine...Thanks Great Compilation...!!
Cute wife!  :-)

Nice story but it is all about food and wine.  Did anything fun happen?  (Kidding)
Lol. Sorry +Stefan Frank :). I remember repeatedly saying "We're on a GETAWAY. Put your phone down!!" and Joseph said "But honey, I need data to test!!!". And +Jim Preston , when you have a not-yet-2 year old at home with grandma for the weekend so you can get away, eating food and drinking wine uninterrupted is pretty much heaven! 
I hope I did not insinuate that it was a chore to look at the story ... You two are a cute couple ... and that food!
잘 보고 갑니다. 즐거운 스토리였어요.
+Michelle Smarr  My wife and I don't have kids but we founded, now only an iPhone app, and frequented 1,100+ tasting rooms in 20 California wine regions for 4 years.  We had to quit to loose weight but what a blast!
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