+Mike Elgan completely nails it in his article on Google+ History. Well worth reading. I'm really gratified to see how many people immediately "got it" and are supportive or even enthusiastic about our approach. Now it's time for us and the sites/apps we use to create history to finish building this thing and get it out to everyone! You better believe we're revved up to do it!
Google rolls out something like Facebook's 'frictionless sharing' -- but with friction!

Google quietly unveiled something this week called Google+ History. It's a feature that brings your activity from all over the Internet into Google+.

(Don't go looking for Google+ History. Right now, it's available only to developers so they can support it with their software. Google will make it available to users later.)

In a nutshell, Google+ History will make it possible for third-party apps, sites and services to share information about your online activities with Google+. 

Sounds like Facebook's "frictionless sharing," right? Well, not so fast. Google+ History has one thing "frictionless sharing" doesn't have: Friction!

Google+ History doesn't actually share content from the other sites with your friends. Instead, it places it in a secure, private space on Google+ where you -- and only you -- can see it.

If you would like to share any of these items, you have to explicitly take action to do so.

In my opinion, this is how social sharing should work.

Click below to read more about Google+ History, and how it's going to change everything!

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