Definitely a must for circle power users! :)
Another G+ Protip

A couple of days ago, I shared a tip on how to determine how much activity from a particular circle appears in your "all" feed by using the "volume" slider.  I had a few people inquire as to how to reorder the list of circles that appears in the top bar.  I was stumped.  I tried dragging them around, to no avail.

Then, after a little messing around, I figured it out!  If you go into your circles, and reorder them by dragging, that will affect which circles appear by default in that top bar.  I created a quick and dirty (and pretty ugly) guide in case you're a visual person.  Hooray for paint(dot)net!

Tagging +Natalie Villalobos because she liked my last tip and may want to share this one, too.


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