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Definitely a must for circle power users! :)
Another G+ Protip

A couple of days ago, I shared a tip on how to determine how much activity from a particular circle appears in your "all" feed by using the "volume" slider.  I had a few people inquire as to how to reorder the list of circles that appears in the top bar.  I was stumped.  I tried dragging them around, to no avail.

Then, after a little messing around, I figured it out!  If you go into your circles, and reorder them by dragging, that will affect which circles appear by default in that top bar.  I created a quick and dirty (and pretty ugly) guide in case you're a visual person.  Hooray for paint(dot)net!

Tagging +Natalie Villalobos because she liked my last tip and may want to share this one, too.


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You just add the people you want to your circles and start sharing with them or reading what they're sharing with you. They don't have to "join your circle". If they don't add you to any circle, you can still see their public content (presumably that's how you saw this post).
+Joseph Smarr While I understand how circles work, I think that it is given too much importance within the product proposition of Google+ compared to what it actually does for the user. 
The problem with all this is that, for example, when I hangout the only people who can see I've had a hangout are those who were invited. The viral reach of that story when it's myself and a friend in a hangout is zero - and the story generated is laughedly pointless as we both know we've hung out! Plus when can I have subcircles - after all, my old school friends are a subclass of my friends... I think you've taken the privacy concerns a little to heart. 'social' never means 'private'... You are in an awkward situation there...
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