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It has been brought to my attention that some people do not approve of public campaign finance because the thought of giving money to politicians is repugnant. I agree that it is. However, there is perhaps an even better way: ban all political broadcast ads (TV, radio, direct mail, and telephone.) Denmark does that and it works beyond fantastic. They don't have a any public campaign finance because they don't need it. If you are a Danish politician and you want your message out, you have to inspire people to do it for you somehow. Nobody in Denmark complains that their free speech is impaired. All the Danish parties support the ad ban and 80% of Danes vote on election day. Denmark ranks amazingly high in most quality of life rankings, and is number one in low child poverty.
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I could see that working for state elections here...but I'm not sure how that would work for Federal/Presidential elections. I'm referring to the difference in size of the 2 countries. What do you think +James Salsman?
Would like to know if third parties (indviduals, companies, unions etc) can advertise on behalf of a candidate under those rules
That's interesting, but how would you ever find out anything about the candidates? Like hearing them speak? I could see the potential for LESS transparency in day to day political dealings if we did that.
ban all political broadcast ads (TV, radio, direct mail, and telephone

Most people get TV channels via cable/satellite. Only Over-The-Air (OTA) TV and radio is regulated in the US. And then there's YouTube channels. That's the future.

It would have to ban political ad advertising whether OTA or cable or Internet equally. I'm thinking it's better to tax all political ad profits at 100%.
+Chris Ghorbani I think interviews with newspaper and TV reporters is the main source of substantive information. Is that right +Bjarne Svejstrup?

+Philip Thrift it would take a constitutional amendment to implement in the US.

+Kristi Forcier I think it would work here. People would be forced to go looking for information from the sources they trust instead of expecting to be spoon fed half-truths from ads they know they shouldn't trust.
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