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My only complaint with chromebooks is that they are priced too high. I have a CR-48 that is my primary computer for blogging and internet surfing and it works out quite well for me but won't for everyone. I think it is important to understand the limitations before anyone invests in one.
I've learned to aim at version 2 & 3 of anything technical because v.1 has a low R.O.I. Accept for the netbook, which I jumped on . . . back in the day.
It's way too early to switch to a browser-only platform... web apps are not nearly good enough to be productive. That said, I think it's clear that Google is betting for a future that's fully in the cloud.

For the near-term, it would be helpful if Google docs were available for offline editing, which would automatically sync once you have an internet connection, no?
How many hours did you use it?
i think of it as a great internet device for home/family. i think 3g is pointless on the device, "wi-fi only" seems way more practical. 3g basically means "in the palm of my hand" these days anyhow. i dont think chrome will be going away. =o)
+Melissa Tullio completely agree about Docs offline. Keep hearing that it is coming soon but hasn't happened yet.
It's about the same price and a regular laptop. Why would I want to pay the same price and not get local storage or functions?
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