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Social Media ROI Panel at SXSWi 2012 Centralized #SMROI #SXSMROI

It's interesting the ROI topic still is at hand, which is a sign of the maturity of our young industry. In an effort to collect the heated conversation at SXSW, I'm centralizing a list to them here:

Where are the professionals? Reflections on the #sxsmroi panel debacle by Olivier Blanchard

A Case Study In Making Up Your Own Mind by Matt Riding

Thinking Before Blogging: A Case Study In Bridge Burning At SXSW by Craig Daitch

Respect and the #SXSMROI panel by Tamera Kremer

Panels, Promises, and Potshots by Petri Darby

Let’s End The Magical Thinking About Social Media ROI by Susan Etlinger (my colleague)

Leave a comment below, and I'll add. I'm playing techmeme today.
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Way too much vitriol for my taste in reading, but I sensed that the battle was semantically at it's heart and happy to move on.

There is an ROI in pencils. Me buying one is a waste of money, anyone using pencils gets something out of them, and I'd imagine that enterprises still have to calculate how many to buy.

The difference with social media is that we don't have decades of data to draw on. It's not that "putting on your social media pants" is without ROI, most of us don't have the history to know without discussion.

What I do know is what my decades in business tell me. I know when I'm playing games and when I've got something wroth measuring and improving. Wisdom is knowing what to measure, not the analytics themselves.

When someone attacks what I do, I tend to say "what's the ROI on your mom?" too. Defensive move? Usually.

What's the ROI on fighting about it?
Seems like a good way to generate book sales.
Anyone who has calculated the effect of public fighting on royalty payments will tell you that the ROI does not work out.

ROI on aligning with interests of clients who agree with your side (or are confused enough to go with the guy who sounds smart) is very good
+Petri Darby loved the review and "nothing new" thoughts. Confirms my gut reaction that it's much ado..
Yeah, my post was probably more for me than anyone else. And I appreciate you taking time to read it.
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