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Mapping every possible permutation of a customer journey is near impossible nowadays. The best you can do is keep adding to it as you uncover touchpoints, interactions and additional channels. It really ends up looking more like a web than a map now but one that is living and growing as you get better at understanding your customers experiences.

ps. Your floating share tool covers the copy of your articles on an iPhone.
Thanks Steve, it's not impossible, just challenging. IBM and Google are both trying 
Not impossible but certainly an extremely tough task for a company the size of Google or IBM. That's why I believe it's an ongoing process, something you make a concerted effort to start but constantly add to and refine as you become better informed and your research uncovers more about your customers. A bit like personas (another living document), which are really useful if you're going through a process like this, you can't pretend to know your customer fully after one piece of research and any agency who claims you should is just not being realistic.

It's certainly dynamic!
I think it is only difficult if you see it as a channel identifiaction problem, rather than a behaviour identification problem. Seen through the lens of behaviour, it becomes much easier to solve (have expanded this is a post and also added it to the mix)
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