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What do you think Google will launch at IO next week in SF? 
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A 7 inch tablet from Asus running Jelly Bean.
Jelly Bean, Nexus Tablet, Project Glass (beta)
Hopefully a way to better curate their app store to stop all the junk that ends up there. Apple at least got it right to weed the garden so the best flowers grow...Google; you're better than this.."open" is good, weeds aren't. The same philosophy applies. Smarten up.
I want a Nexus #googlecar  .
One can only hope they will finally release a +Google+ app designed to take advantage of the tablet they are almost certainly going to announce.
Galaxy glass cockpit google car on M&Ms
Its kind of funny that Google's rumored to launch a tablet, and Microsoft out of the blue throws together an event to launch their tablet taking at least some of the wind out of Google's sails. And whats even funnier is, when was the last time Microsoft had a presentation introducing a new product that was reviewed so favorably right out of the gate?
+Will Larson - Who case about Microsoft "Surface"; when's the last time MS did anything right?  +Android Nexus devices FTW!
Google has no proven ability to market an android device without carriers. Carriers don't drive tablet sales. Google nexus tablet arguably DOA.
+Will Larson Microsoft has shown the key to good reviews is don't actually provide anything to review!
+James Mason That is a big part of why I find it so funny. Usually Microsoft puts something out, it sucks, and they burn through money till eventually it has penetrated the market.
+Glenn Costello That is a very good point. They put together a nice little show for us, but there is still plenty that could be spoilers. Like the price tag.
Some smart answers here. Lots of tablet predictions....
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