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What do you think of the Can-Am Spyder? The Three Wheeled Cycle? What are advantages and disadvantages? Is it safer? More stable? More reliable?
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Looks awesome, and you don't need a motorcycle's license to drive one.
Apparently, you don't need a motorcycle license.
Oh, I just read that they get ~30 miles to the gallon...That's enough for a reason to me to not like it, when it's competing against motorcycles that get 70-100mpg
I like the looks of it .. but other than that ... I ask myself : WHY ? It does not make sense.
Tony you are creative in your language.... :)
From a purist standpoint it's not a motorcycle. It's a trike that wants sooo badly to be a real bike for real riders. I've driven (notice I didn't' say ridden) one and they are a blast, but they aren't real motorcycles.
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