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This is insane. Genetically modified goats (mutants) merged with...get this... SPIDER DNA. So they create spider webs in their milk.

Is this the start of a resident evil movie? Is this progress? Or a crime against nature?

"god creates man, man disowns god, man creates man, man creates spidergoats" (Although I made that up, I wish it was a Jeff Goldblue quote.)
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Thanks for the info! It's crazy! What kind of use is supposed to turn out of this?????
wat was going on their mind, sad
I think it's safe to conclude that their milk is not for cheese making...
Y- Fi
I totally agree with you Jeremiah Owayang
Screw that! Spider goats... yikes!! We do not need to breed bigger spiders!!! I can see the headlines to the Sci-Fi B flick now... Spider Goat Spins Web of Scientific Proportions, okay how about ... Spider Goats Eat Everything!!
thank for the post, i reshared... was telling someone else about it. 
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