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This new technology is amazing. This is how mobile devices and computers fade into the background and we can just focus on living and being human

Touché: Enhancing Touch Interaction on Humans, Screens, Liquids, and Everyday Objects

Let's discuss the applications:
1) No more keyboards
2) Yet we may still need output devices or digital displays
3) No more keys
4) More efficient energy use (notice at end of video how lights dim as persons state changes to sleep)

At Altimeter, we call this business theme part of the "Sentient World" where everything around us becomes self aware and intelligent. Hat tip to +Jon Cifuentes who sent this link to me.

Full article here
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Impressive, but the system will have to take into account many variables to recreate each mode in a real life situation. For instance, the conductivity of a users skin would greatly affect the frequency response. That means dry vs moisturized and old vs young would change the results. Hmmm, then again, that could be a useful way of bio-metric recognition. If the phone or whatever is not being touched like it normally is with its normal user, it could lock the stranger out of the phone or whatever.
this is why the machines will one day seize control and rule our lives. it's all part of the plan for the new world order.
This should have been demonstrated by Goofy.
Rob Go
Any person who utters the words "let's discuss" should be avoided.
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That's some impressive mumbo jumbo.
Hope touche works out :D .
The possibilities are endless. It could detect an elderly person falling in the bath and raise the alarm!
Rob Go
let's get back to the moms...
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Cool, and I see lots of benefits, but then again, shouldn't parents be teaching children which utensils to eat with?
Technology is awesome. 
I'm looking forward to the robot looks like humans. Smh what a dat that will be. Race won't matter than I'm sure. 
Is this real? I hope so. It opens up a whole world of wondrous devices for the future.
This is pretty cool indeed! Only... I fear the "unintended button presses". I hope there are only specific moves programmed to do anything. If I'm listening to my iTouche, I don't want to pick my nose and have the song change. Or high-five someone and have the volume turn up.

I imagine that only minor things will ever be controlled by this sort of technology. The door knob/handle window display is a good application, but unless there's an office-wide training session, nobody will know how to use it right. And the "teaching kids to use the right utensil"? Where are the parents? Watching "Ow, My Balls!"??

This kind of thing will be great for some, but a useless gimmick for most others. Still, I can't wait to see the application!
what will be next telling you if you have wiped your arse enough times ?
"WE ARE GOING TO DIE" Indiana Jones.
That is fantastic. WOW.
What nonsense ! i really want my couch to tell me iv'e sat on it?
"Disney research"?
This technology looks really amazing, although controlling a music player or cellphone with hand gestures would make me look like I belong to some weird sect at the beginning.
Finally, a computer to tell me when I'm covering my ears while submerged under water.
Amazing! But I feel more of us people will get lazy our become more lazy.
This is pretty neat stuff
And this solves the navigation issues with Google Goggles
Touch interfaces may be all the rage, but I have yet to see a technology that can replace the tactile feedback of a well-made keyboard.
Leave it to any Disney company to figure out something as revolutionary as this.
INCREDIBLE!!! But I bet it costs a fortune to make and implement into different things. 
+Sam Person if this only uses one electrode, then it could potentially be very cheap to manufacturer and incorporate into future devices. I'd be willing to bet a raspberry pi could run a setup like this. 
Our world has advanced! this is so fascinating!
I like the iPhone volume thingy... I want one! 
Now Iron man's touch based workshop is not too far off I guess!
Touché is a French word! Touch = Touche, I touched = j'ai touché, I will touch = je vais toucher! 
Beautiful and Marvelous Technology...
The naval battle, also known as Battleships ( touché-coulé ), is a board game where two players must put the "ships" on a grid kept secret and attempt to "touch" the enemy ships. The winner is the player who can completely kill the opponent's ships before all his people not to be. This is a game of chance.
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