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Just think, there are youth that have never used this and never will. 
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And they'll never get the White Courtesy Phone jokes in Airplane the movie...
So what did they do when someone paged---- oh... I get it now.
When I was in college, one college organization distributed cards to students (particularly female students) to use if they required assistance. The cards had dimes taped to them.

Those books below the devices remind me of something. Not too long ago (perhaps 15 years ago), I wanted to get a phone book for another part of southern California. I called the phone company for that area and was told that I could buy a phone book for some astronomical charge. Now, the phone companies literally can't give phone books away...
There are all sorts of things that were different before. I spent my entire youth (until I got a driver's license) riding a bicycle without a helmet, riding in cars without seat belts, driving farm vehicles that were as heavy as mining equipment, living in a rural area with almost no TV, and so forth. Our ancestors before 1913 also had no income tax, almost no government debt, almost no government budget deficits, no unemployment, and had generally no interaction with the federal government except for going to the post office.
And they really need to stop making phone books! what a waste of paper.
Where can you even find a payphone anymore? As for the yellow pages, I used to buy yellow pages ads for the worlds largest yellow pages advertiser. Now the same company buys no yellow pages ads at all. I think that says it all.
Where did you find these? In a museum?
Come to central Pennsylvania - they are everywhere.Still.
Reminds me a scene from Back to the Future 2:
"You mean you have to use your hands?"

(When Marty McFly shown the two boys how to play the shoot 'em video game)
and this is a step up from rotary phones
It would be interesting to toss a teen into a room with a pay phone, a record player and a book to see which they could figure out first.
So funny... And that's true for both the pay phone AND the paper phone books tucked under the shelf in the photo.
Relics of "independents" in communication of yesterday.
It's like a large iPhone without a screen that needs money. How do I work this thing?
There's the phone, I can never find one when I need it...
I had to search for one of these while in California Droid died and I was lost! It was a miracle that I even found one.
+Matt Gentile that's assuming you actually have memorized phone numbers! I barely do that anymore, I want to clear up my mindsspace for other things (like trying to memorize a zillion website passwords)
+Jeremiah Owyang That is the thing I hate about cell phones. I used to have literally hundreds of telephone numbers memorized. Now, it is probably closer to dozens, with very few of them being people I call on a regular basis.
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