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Is there a way for me to "view all EXCEPT this circle" when viewing my stream? For example, sometimes I wanna exclude my Brands stream so that I can focus on the more personal streams. Perhaps +Toby Overstreet knows ...
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+Josh Mendelsohn I could do that before with an Chrome Extension but looks like the extension is broken. I will do some research and get back to you, okay?
Or you could make a HUGE circle minus Brands and then you can click that circle and read all posts there.
Hmm nah (about the huge circle). I thought I saw something about a G+ update making it possible to exclude one circle but maybe I was mistaken.
Not that I know of. If I knew about it, I would have used that feature, but I use the extension to minus circles in the Stream...
Oh, thanks for the Chrome extension! But I don't use Chrome either at home nor at work :(
Why not? Chrome is the best browser on the market. Hmm. I am surprised!
Actually - Chrome is indeed the best browser on the PC. On my new (home) MacBook Air, though, I don't like how it looks nor how some gestures don't work on it. So I've been using Safari. At work, security only allows either IE (eeeeeek) or Firefox 4.0. Ugh.
I created a "Following" circle which groups together people I personally know or correspond with often. It's a good way to filter out everything else. I also lock the social manics inside their own circle, naturally called "Social Manics" :)
I don't even bother with the social manics. Sorta like on Twitter...
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