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Bueno chicos, algunos ya lo saben, pero no volveré a jugar si Niantic no me devuelve la cuenta de Galigan.
Galigan siempre ha jugado limpio, pero el algoritmo baneador de niantic, no le gustó que en menos de 24horas jugara en cinco ciudades (Palma/Barcelona/Palma/Barcelona/Stockolmo). Este fué uno de los primeros bans por viajar, y cursé sendas reclamaciones, que el mono no quiso atender. Después de 5 días, lo se que no hice bien, pero mi mono pudo con la razón. creé una nueva cuenta (@gatxan) y estuve jugando con ella. De hace unos días, y gracias a la aportación de una ranita, decidí que no podía jugar pidiendo fairplay con una segunda cuenta, con lo que me volví a poner pesado con Niantic y esta vez conseguí una respuesta: ( Como que ya tenía la cuenta de gatxan, la cuenta de galigan estaba suspendida).

Así que, llegados a este punto, he cancelado la cuenta de gatxan y espero que algún día Niantic me devuelva la de galigan. ( Si no me la devuelven, pues no jugaré).

Un player menos en el juego ( Esperemos que sea temporal) y me pueda despedir de vosotros dando un poco de guerra. Sino, pues daros las gracias por los buenos momentos que he pasado.
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Why sometimes I think that a typed language is better on your work day. Two bugs we fixed yesterday.

s = 5
r = request.params.GET.get['q'].split(',')
if s in r:
the trouble is that r containes a list of unicodes, 5 != u('5')

A function definition, with wrong assignament on call.

It's not a lot of time wasted fixing them, perhaps around 40m but actually, working with pyhton, the big bugs are always of the same type.
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My first #golang  project... Just for learning it..
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Hi all!
I'm a newbie to the language just typing code to learn the lang. 
I'm working in a small project, an small file server for http. Just fire it, and throught browser make operations on the remotefilsystem. 
Using standard library I get it working, but now i want to start developing new functinalities to it. And i'm loost on the way i have to extend standard library. I has this code:

err := http.ListenAndServe(port,

It serves dirlistings and also it allows dowloading files. Fine! But now, I want to sart personalizing it. First of all, making dirlist more nice. I think i have to make a new Handle for serving /, or all dirfiles.. But i'm lost on how to do it. This is the first step for building it. later, I will add deleting files, and also uploding to the dir. 

Can someone help me?

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+NIA Ops +Ingress 
+Anne Beuttenmüller +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger 
+Ingress Enlightened Paris +Ingress Resistance Paris - France 
France is currently attacked by 2 massive spoofers at a national level.
Agents Redaca59 and GolGauth59, L8 Enligthened from Northern France region.

- First, please have a look again at this post :
They fielded a big part of Northern France in no time few days ago, and everyone in both factions saw it was spoofing + multi-accounts, reporting them.

- But this evening the thing came worse : 
They have been spotted at the portal "Gatteville : le 2ème plus gran" at 7:56 PM (Intel link :,-1.249781&z=14 ) and two hours later smashing the portal "Ruines du Temple de Mercure" at 9:21 PM (Intel link :,2.961502&z=14 ).
Both portals are distant of 733 km, if you take a car, it’ll take about six hours to go from one to the other.
The portal "Ruines du Temple de Mercure" is on a the top of a dead volcano at 1465 m above sea level, under snow and it’s currently -2°C to go there, with winds of over 40 km/h, the way is only by foot at this time so it’s 1H30 walk without any light !!!!.

You’ll see in the screenshots attached that this portal held many fields, some of them ask a very high dedication from dozens of agents, with one of them that drove TWO THOUSAND AND FIVE HUNDREDS KILOMETERS (2500 km), to Spain to get Portals Keys by himself with the aid of local players.

If you check also your previous report, you’ll find “[9-4326000002731] dwaaaarg” , L5 player that took down the portal “Cairn de Gravinis” (Intel link :,-2.897054&z=17)  during operation Event Horizon (See Ingress Report 44 : INGRESS REPORT | #Recursion Cities Revealed - EP44, or these posts : or )

French National Resistance team love to make big fields, we have many things in project, and it will be very sad for both factions that we decide to cancel everything because of people like this. They ruin hours of dedications of many agents from their home !
People from every city in France in both factions are currently reporting these people. We know that they are banned, surely other will come, but let’s hope you’ll do something ! We don’t blame the fair players in the Enlightened faction, we are sure they are at least as embarrassed as we are upset, because these kinds of things don’t help them to have a good reputation.

Please take the necessary steps so that this kind of players do not annoy the work of others by their wrongdoings anymore.

Reports to support :
[3-3680000002911] GolGauth59
[3-3912000002850] redaca59


Agent Arael

#ingress   #ingresscheat   #help  
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Dic jo, ara que sembla que els ianquis han vist que legalitzar la marihuana es un bon negoci, la cosa s'anirà extenent... En quatre dies franquícies, McFumeta.
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Como en todas las presentaciones de Jobs, alucinante la capacidad de comunicación, el ritmo y los golpes de efecto. Quizá esta es otra de las cosas que debemos a este señor, la forma de presentar cosas.
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