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Freelance commercial writing services to help you reach your goals
Freelance commercial writing services to help you reach your goals

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Struggling to come up with ways to tell your story on social media? This list from Buffer offers some excellent options--particularly if you're on Instagram.

Think outside the single-post box, consider social as a platform instead of a traffic source and don't be afraid to experiment a little. The results might surprise you!

20 Creative Ways to Use Social Media for Storytelling - The Buffer Blog

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While sales funnels are a nice way to visual your marketing flow, but the buying experience is rarely that linear or black and white. This post from Search Engine Watch goes into the psychology behind searches and buyer intent to show how you might be missing key opportunities to convert.

The psychology of search intent: Converting moments that matter | Search Engine Watch

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"Today, most websites are built with a responsive design to help make it mobile friendly, but that doesn’t mean marketers should stop there.1 Instead, marketers should optimize the entire mobile experience to enhance conversions and overall performance. To help you out, we built a list of actionable tips to make sure your site is mobile friendly from three categories: SEO for mobile devices, mobile content, and mobile conversions."

Does Your Website Pass the Mobile Marketing Test?

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Written content is just one part of your overall branding. These examples from Hubspot highlight how you can use visuals and design elements to create a cohesive experience for buyers and set your brand or business apart from the competition.

15 Inspiring Examples of Small Business Branding

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While they still have the meats, it seems they also have the malwares...

Arby’s is the Latest Business to Be a Victim of Data Breaches (Watch)

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An interesting look at the history of typography, font trends and current sales and design trends for both web developers and typeface designers from Cool Infographics and Creative Market.

Bold & Justified: The Huge World of Typography -

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With the simplicity and effectiveness of many ransomware tools, small businesses need to remain vigilant when interacting online.

The question is slowly shifting to how to prevent from falling victim of a hack and more to how to prepare for it and how will you respond.

Get Ready For Your Computer To Be Taken Hostage

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Your logo is a powerful part of your brand's story. When used properly, it aligns with your voice and provides a visual hook that customers recognize instantly when they see it.

This infographic tracks the logo designs of major tech companies across the last several decades.

The Evolution of Technology Company Logos - Blog About Infographics and Data Visualization - Cool Infographics

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You know that Facebook and sites collect data about your browsing habits to "refine your experience", power advertising and track a variety of who knows what else. But do you know what that data looks like?

This extension for Chrome collects much of the same data locally (you can even delete it when you're done) and creates a dashboard showing you just how much Facebook can learn from your browsing habits, history and the information it collects as you go about sharing cat videos and reading your favorite blogs.

Data Selfie: Chrome extension logs what Facebook learns about you

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As if keeping up with logical fallacies wasn't enough, social media and the news are full of statistics and shiny graphs presenting information in a visual format.

While statistics and studies are already prone to sampling errors and methodology concerns, how the data is presented can make all the difference in what is said.

This post from Flowing Data goes over common red flags you can check for to see if the visual presentation of a set of stats might be misleading.

How to Spot Visualization Lies
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