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Curiosity is the key to all knowledge and wisdom
Curiosity is the key to all knowledge and wisdom

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why is it that every time I look at House Speaker Paul Ryan he reminds me of Eddie Munster. I think its the widows peak or perhaps he looks like he sleeps upside down.

I just saw, The Martian and thought, why do we need to physically travel to another part of the galaxy to go to another part of the galaxy. Why not just consciously make contact with other parts of the galaxy with thoughts and be able to bring those memories of the contacts back to Earth. Why waste time building rocket ships, why not just expand consciousness to make first contact?

It was really nice to see the third season finale end with their wedding. I think the show has picked up its pace from the first two and is moving in the right direction focusing on their relationship. Looking forward to the fourth season. Having a thirteen episode season for several shows like Falling Skies, The Last Ship and several others is proving to be really a good move. It proves that you don't need a 23 episode arc to tell a good story, and it leaves the actors open for other projects during the hiatus. There are so many really good shows on TV now like Scorpion that its turning into the golden age of TV. I think having syndicated and cable channels competing has forced ABC, NBC and CBS, who until 1987 were the only channels creating first run television series, to improve. That is the lasting legacy of Star Trek- TNG, the very first series to air first run episodes directly into syndication. The other was Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Can anyone elucidate the difference between Adaptation and Evolution and give examples to contrast the difference.

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LEONARD NIMOY: Creating a Stoic Legend

There have been many legends created since the advent of cinema and television. None have saturated the cultural consciousness quite like Leonard Nimoy's interpretation of Mr. Spock who died on Feb 27, 2015 from COPD leaving a rich legacy of one of the most beloved fictional characters of all time.

Whether it was dealing with the internal struggle of controlling his human emotions, mind melding as the eerie unmistakable score played in the background, the nerve pinch everyone wished they could do themselves or the Vulcan greeting, an ancient Hebrew blessing  that captured the imagination as a logical choice for Vulcans to greet each other it all came from the fertile mind of the seasoned actor  creating the subtext of the individual we began to love as Mr. Spock - A stoic character who smoldered beneath the surface, first in the three year journey of the USS Enterprise 1701, then in six feature films, two of which he directed.

Then he appeared on two episodes of the popular Star Trek- The Next Generation and finally passing the baton to a new generation of actors in JJ Abrams reboot of Star Trek. A legend, the actor created  and a  legend he will remain. Lets explore how Mr. Nimoy evolved the stoic character, the singular creation of Mr. Spock, half human, half Vulcan and the legacy of credits Leonard Nimoy leaves behind.

#leonardnimoy   #startrek   #legend  

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“ Jump!" Whispered  The Voice

Every so often an  experience resonates its message viscerally without logic, yet as clear as crystal. Some may find qualities that define it as a dream, others may not know what to call it because of its paradoxical nature. A few may see it as  a cosmic experience. Whatever one does see its up to them to define it for themselves.

#cosmicexperience #spirituality #dream

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The Unanticipated

When one is  faced with the unanticipated, is it  possible to know at any given moment all the factors that contributed or led to a particular situation? Here, I grapple with this issue and come face to face with how preparation,  or lack of it,  impacts choices.

#theunknown #theunanticipated #procrastination #fear  

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Inner peace: We can use some these days

Learning how to achieve that state where calmness resides, conflict vanishes and solemnity is attained. How do we start this process? How can we learn to see conflict as a challenge rather then a threat?

#innerpeace #selfconfidence #interconnectedness #crucible #conflict  

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