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Am I losing my edge?

H/T to +Christopher Hoover​

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Big Basin Redwoods State Park

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The Collings Foundation had a few WW-II era warbirds at Moffet Field in late May. And it turned out that you could go up in them, so Ian and I took a spin in a B-17!

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There's something mesmerising about recklessly balanced rock piles.

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Meal: 600€.
Review: priceless.
Thanks to the many people that forwarded me this restaurant review (for a variety of reasons I assume). Even if you don't usually read restaurant reviews, this one is worth a few chuckles. Extracts.
There’s a little gilt here and there, to remind us that this is a room designed for people for whom guilt is unfamiliar.
It looks like a Barbie-sized silicone breast implant, and is a “spherification”.
“It’s like eating a condom that’s been left lying about in a dusty greengrocer’s"
My lips purse, like a cat’s arse that’s brushed against nettles.
It is mostly black, like nightmares, and sticky, like the floor at a teenager’s party.
A dessert of frozen chocolate mousse cigars wrapped in tuile is fine, if you overlook the elastic flap of milk skin draped over it, like something that’s fallen off a burns victim.
Mind you I also take pictures, but mine are shot in the manner of a scene of crime officer working methodically.
This one will also leave me with memories. They are bleak and troubling. If I work hard, one day, with luck, I may be able to forget.

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And one Allen wrench ...

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"Evidence has shown that the Global Gag Rule has not reduced the incidence of abortion. Instead, by eliminating access to contraception, it has led to more unintended pregnancies and more unsafe abortions."

Please join me in pushing back - this is not helping.

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Those were the days (not). I seem to recognise a disturbingly large fraction of the systems and events described here.

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