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John Vilsack
Ardent Defender of The People's Rights to Shiny Objects
Ardent Defender of The People's Rights to Shiny Objects

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Never ask an expert for advice.

As I'm sure surprises nobody at all, I'm a gadget person. And while it shouldn't surprise anybody, but maybe does, I also end up cooking dinner for the family quite often. Put the two together, and what do you get? 

Right. A kitchen filled with random gizmos. Some more successful than others. The breadmaker? Not one of my shining moments. The shave ice maker, though? Quite popular.


The newest addition to the kitchen is a sous vide cooker. That's some serious chef stuff (which I am not - I cook food, but the children complain - until I remind them that they could do it themselves - that we don't really do a lot of different dishes).

But hey, the new Anova was really quite cheap and is dead easy to use. And unlike a lot of kitchen gadgets it also has the advantage of being rather small, so if/when it ends up not being one of the useful gadgets, it hides quite well in a cupboard. Because you know how some other gadgets sit there in the open, publicly shaming you every day and going "Remember me? You could do something awesome with me?"


So I made some steaks with them, and I was really very happy. I really like good meat, but I'm not great at it, and it often doesn't fit our schedule: the kids are off doing something, and Daniela in particular often comes home fairly late from gymnastics, so either she eats separately or I have to get the timing just right etc. 

And it turns out that this really gets to be a no-brainer with sous vide. Daniela not home yet? No problem. Leave one of the steaks in the water bath, it's two minutes to sear it whenever she gets home. 

But I'm smart (NOT!), and remembered that +Jim Zemlin was talking about sous vide back before sous vide was cool. He's quite hipster like that. So I thought I'd ask him for suggestions. 

Which gets us back to the beginning. Never ask an expert for advice.

Because now I feel like a complete redneck. I'm the trailer trash of sous vide. Jim sent me suggestions that made my eyes water. And when I explained that was wasn't quite what I had in mind, he toned it down and sent me a simple recipe, talking to me in baby-talk. It still had more ingredients than most things I make, and that was just for the rub.

Now the pressure is on.  I'll have to go out get a vacuum sealer, instead of just using zip-lock bags like some kind of caveman. I think I could hear Jim shudder over email when I described my white trash sous vide setup.

I really hope the vacuum sealer won't look at me accusingly. "Think of all the awesome things you could do with me".

I will have to buy a small one.

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Pics from Kennedy Space Center
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I continue to be monumentally disappointed by #GoogleAppsForBusiness spam filtering now that we've migrated away from @Postini. The administrative options are poor, the ability to filter is subpar, and clicking "This is Spam" doesn't give anyone any sort of gratification that they have made their inbox better in any way.

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Can't wait to see what #cardboard  is!

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WizardWorld ComiCon in Minneapolis
WizardWorld ComiCon in Minneapolis
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My desire to wear Glass outpaces my battery's desire to provide power.

Is anyone using an external battery and if so, can you share your setup and experience?
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